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Why Mercury in Gemini Can Change Your Life Overnight

Jake Register
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From Cosmopolitan

Mercury is the planet of learning, communication, and travel, so it makes sense that its time in stubborn, fixed sign Taurus has been kind of a struggle at times! Luckily, things take a turn for the better on May 21, when Mercury quits dragging its feet through Taurus and enters the same sign it rules: Gemini, where it’s at its strongest! Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius benefit the most from Mercury picking up its pace, but fellow mutable signs Virgos, Sagittarius, and Pisces might feel a little out of their element.

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As Mercury skrt skrts out of Taurus and revs up its engines in Gemini, you can immediately tell the difference. Your cut-and-dry mentality quickly becomes more playful and witty, making you also way more down to socialize. The comfortable routines and patterns you’ve been living in start to feel more like being stuck in a rut, and you need more variety in your life. This means taking the scenic route on your drive to work (even if Gemini’s easily distracted tendencies get you lost on the way), binge-watching a new Netflix series (or starting six new shows that you’ll never finish-Gemini is bored super easily), and logging onto all of your dating apps to link up with someone new (the most Gemini thing ever, BTW.)

More than anything, Mercury in Gemini creates a need for mental stimulation that can only be satisfied by learning and connecting with others. This eager and open mindset makes you more spontaneous, leading you to amazing new experiences. You’re more willing to test the waters of a different bar for your weekend hangout, seek out new connections with eccentric and lively people (even if they aren’t your usual type) and generally adapt a much more flexible mindset, so you’re the queen of avoiding weird fights and misunderstandings.

Careful, though: the shady stereotypes of Gemini-being superficial, two-faced, flighty-might come out while Mercury is whizzing through the air sign for the next couple of weeks. When you’re struggling to find something or someone to talk about, it’s easy to talk just to talk. Mercury in Gemini is so ravenous for conversation that it can lead to making up stories or gossiping just for ~funsies~ which bites you in the ass later if somebody hears you’ve been talking sh*t! Gemini’s open-mindedness is great for seeing all sides of a situation and understanding others’ perspective on something, but it’s even better at making it tough to commit to an opinion, which is where Gemini’s flaky reputation comes from. Use this quick-witted energy to embody Gemini’s best qualities–cleverness and great sense of humor–instead of its stereotypical fake, superficial energy.

While Mercury is in Gemini, you’re guaranteed to add a handful of new people to your contacts list. Even better: On May 21, we’re experiencing what’s known as a cazimi Mercury, which is just how astrologers say that Mercury and the Sun are in the exact same place in the sky. This supercharged Mercury energy indicates a day of very important communications-think life-changing emails or phone calls, or just meeting people who will be major parts of your life down the line like a future best friend, relationship partner, or professional connection. With Mercury here (and Venus in its fave sign, too), this promises to be the most social time of year! You’re more upbeat, living in the moment, and enjoying the fast-paced tempo of Gemini season-just don’t blink or you might miss it!

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