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Why “Self-service” Analytics Are Failing Product Development

Mark Frigon, Interana VP of Product (Photo, Business Wire)


Interana today released a white paper on the current state of analytics and the myth of self-service

Interana, maker of the world’s most advanced solution for product analytics in a GDPR era, today announced the availability of a white paper regarding the current state of analytics and Interana's true self-service capabilities to analyze enormous datasets. Users no longer need to rely on partial or aggregated data, or restrict their analyses to a limited set of pre-defined queries.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190807005890/en/

With the explosion of data and ever-changing buyer personas – there is a critical need for real-time behavioral data exploration to remain relevant, pushing product managers to look for simple solutions to a complex problem. Product Managers carry the responsibility for product decisions in a the highly competitive and disruptive market, so self-service analytics is essential. Product decisions need to be data-driven based on real-world, relevant, specific, and precise data to understand exactly what users do and don't want.

“Product managers make decisions based on data about the key drivers of business success. To do this at scale they have to leverage their internal Data Scientist team and wait for results with long cycles between query iterations. Alternatively, they limit themselves to a single channel data source in a black box pre-configured analytics solution,” said Mark Frigon, vice president of product management at Interana. “Interana's solution allows for both granular multi-source data analytics and true self-service. The Interana solution includes query language transparency and enterprise class data protection for GDPR and CCPA compliance.”

Learn more about how Interana is fulfilling the promise of self-service analytics.

About Interana

Based in Silicon Valley and founded by the team that built the technology Facebook uses internally to understand the behavior of its 2 billion users, Interana provides the world’s most advanced enterprise platform for product analytics and behavioral analysis in a GDPR era. Used by companies such as Microsoft, Comcast, Goodyear, Uber, Sonos, Bleacher Report and many others, Interana V3 is the only solution that allows business users to analyze trillions of data points, iteratively and in real-time, to go beyond the static reports and dashboards of traditional BI and analytics tools, and surface business insights that would otherwise remain hidden. For more information, please visit us at www.interana.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as @InteranaCorp.

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