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Why Walking Barefoot in the Park or Using Grooni Earthing Products Can Relieve Pandemic Stress, Inflammation and Help You Sleep Better

·4 min read

CICERO, Ill., May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Science is just now understanding what early Americans already knew that walking barefoot with close contact to the Earth, helps the human body remain healthy and in balance, according to Grooni Earthing president Rodrigo Gaete.

The body is like a battery that stores electrical charges, especially today with the proliferation of wifi, radio, and other electronic devices. Some people have been holding excess charges in their bodies for years. This negatively affects how the body operates and creates damaging free radicals.

Earthing is the holistic approach to removing these accumulated charges by grounding the human body. Unlike other holistic approaches that take months to see any improvements, Grooni Earthing product users often see health improvements within hours.

"When people finally ground their bodies to the Earth with our products, they end up getting rid of years of accumulated electrical charges. They often sleep and feel better. Many people have seen relief from stress especially during the pandemic and many inflammation-related ailments, which is the source of a lot of pain," said Gaete.

Some of these ailments include arthritis, coronary disease, and diabetes. Inflammation is the source of a lot of illnesses in modern life. You can see some amazing stories and testimonials from customers on the Grooni Earthing website.

Many of these people who have been suffering from multiple sclerosis, inflammation, and sleeping disorders found relief. Customers have also seen improvements in muscle pain and tension, jet lag, facial skin flow, energy, vitality, mood, and stress disorders.

Over the past 10 years, scientific studies have shown the benefits of Earthing. If you sleep on Grooni Earthing products at night, you give your body a chance to recover. Women have been known to lose weight.

Athletes from the American Cycling team use Earthing to recover from muscle fatigue faster during practices.

"Earthing during exercise in these studies has been shown to lower blood urea concentrations and may inhibit hepatic protein catabolism or increase renal urea excretion. Exertion under Earthing may result in a positive protein balance," said Gaete.

In a study that investigated cortisol levels, 93 percent of participants reported an improvement in sleep quality and 82 percent noted improvement in muscle stiffness and pain. Another study saw there was a reduction of blood viscosity and clumping.

It concluded that Earthing is one of the simplest and yet most profound interventions for helping reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events. An accumulation of charges in the human body is the root of inflammation.

"To get rid of this accumulated charge in your body, we've created a variety of products including sleeping mats, sheets, and pillowcases that are made with conductive materials like carbon fibers or silver threads. These materials help conduct the accumulated charges out of your body to the ground. You just plug it into your home's existing electrical grounding system," said Gaete.

The pillows and sheets feel like regular sheets and the sleeping mat is placed under existing sheets. You don't even realize your sleeping on an Earthing product. They can also be washed like regular laundry and the mat can be cleaned with warm water.

If you're suffering from inflammation, pain and can't sleep it might be that your body is holding onto too much electricity and you need to be grounded. All you need to do is step outside, take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the Earth for about an hour every day and you'll feel better.

"You have to walk directly on the ground and the sand at the beach or on the grass. It's not the same if you walk on concrete or in your house because it's not grounded. If you live in a cold climate for most of the year or it's not practical, our products can help," said Gaete.

The company has a full selection of safe and reliable products to help your body achieve electrical balance for optimal health, as you sleep.

"Sheets, pillowcases, sleeping mats and kits are all made of high-quality materials and start at $59.99 with free shipping to the U.S., Canada and Australia. You can review our products with a full 100 percent refund policy and place orders on the Grooni Earthing website," said Gaete.

Grooni Earthing has a generous affiliate marketing program. Sleeping clinics, gyms, meditation centers, wellness centers and other businesses can increase their revenues and offer special discounts to customers, who purchase Grooni Earthing products.

For further information or to schedule an interview, contact Rodrigo Gaete at (630) 478-9494 or 310178@email4pr.com.


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