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WiMi Hologram AR Focuses on LED Lighting Products

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Time has changed. Through years of original research and development, WIMI Hologram Cloud (WIMI), a world-renowned holographic giant, has created the third-generation 6D optical field holographic technology products with an imitation of over 98%. The user experience can be described as stunning and impressive. The so-called 6D refers to the combination of 3D shooting outward and 3D shooting inward in content production, that is, VR ball multi-lens camera shooting and holographic AR ball shooting inward. The content produced can be used in both VR and AR.

WIMI will ensure that the user experience can reach the highest simulation experience in the world by means of 6D holographic optical field technology revolution, and improve the naked eye visual imitation of virtual digital products to more than 100% real level, so as to give users the most real naked eye simulation effect.

WIMI issued by holographic devices on the market reaction, and its LED products industry, the building of the transparent glass LED is a concentration of microelectronics technology, electronics technology, computer technology, information processing technology as one of the high-tech products, is a kind of technology, similar to the projection screen is actually a carrier, have the effect of a curtain. Compared with the traditional display, it adds more interest to the product display, bringing unprecedented visual experience and brand new experience to users. It enables the audience to see the product information on the screen while seeing the real product, and conduct touch interactive experience on the information.

The LED transparent glass display case released by WIMI is very prominent, realizing the interconnection of network and multimedia technology, and releasing information in the way of multimedia. The transparent display can simultaneously display and release information, and interact with customers in a timely manner. High light transmittance LIQUID crystal display, can see the internal goods through the broadcast program screen, the combination of dynamic product advertising information and static objects such as terminal products, window, strengthens the customer's brand experience and shopping experience. Transparent panel adopts advanced technology and unique liquid crystal molecule plane switching mode, and the Angle of view can reach 80° in all directions. The display applies colorless partial technology, the color range increases greatly, the picture is more delicate and lively, no matter what Angle you can enjoy color saturation, lifelike image. Customers can set the volume according to different periods of time, which is very suitable for the humanized management of high-end hotels, hospitals, communities and other places. Touch function can be added, and unique high-tech hard screen can be used to avoid water ripple when touching the screen, making the picture clearer and more stable, and the image smoother and natural.

Trillion advertising market, micro - beauty holographic has long been targeted at this piece of cake. For brands, thousands of years of unchanged print advertising technology, the same giant posters and photoelectric effect, has been unable to attract customers' attention, hard wide conversion rate is becoming increasingly worrying. In addition, as big data artificial intelligence is everywhere, data capture and analysis of offline advertising cannot meet customers' needs. In the market environment guided by attention economy, reform is necessary.

The holographic cloud advertising platform developed by Weimei Hologram will overturn the communication and effect of the traditional advertising. Customers can directly watch the holographic stereoscopic advertisement and have an immersive feeling. Whether the product itself or the creative effect of the advertisement above will be refreshing, can attract a large number of potential consumers to take the initiative to watch. In addition, the holographic cloud AI-MBT technology is used to track and analyze various data of customers and provide effective data support for advertisers. Current application fields: holographic indoor advertising, holographic outdoor advertising, high-altitude holographic advertising, holographic airport/subway advertising, holographic in-store (outside) display of well-known brands, holographic event advertising display, etc.

VR/AR will become the ecological killer application of 5G: 5G has many innovations such as high speed, large flow, low delay and multi-connection. In the 5G era, the transmission features of high speed and low delay are expected to significantly improve the user experience of VR/AR products. 5G+ cloud rendering greatly improves application display effects, reduces hardware costs, and promotes the popularization of VR/AR. Technological innovation continues to make breakthroughs and promote product upgrading, further clearing the way for the popularization of VR/AR. International giants are accelerating their layout, and the industrial ecology is gradually improving. VR/AR has broad application prospects in technology, video, game and other fields. China occupies an important position in the field of VR/AR in the world.

With the gradual landing of VR/AR applications, THE practicability of VR/AR as a tool has become increasingly prominent, and it shows great application potential in the video, marketing, music and game markets, which is expected to promote revolutionary changes in the next generation of interactive entertainment industry. The commercial use of 5G brings faster network speeds, lower delays and more opportunities across industries, and pushes the valuation of THE AR industry to new heights. In people's expectation, AR is a brand new interactive means, transforming the expression of traditional industries, and all this is just beginning.

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