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Winbranch Complex Has Finished Renovations After Years of Neglect

Winbranch Complex Restoration Provides Affordable Apartments for Second Chance Renters in Memphis, TN

MEMPHIS, TN / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2019 / In 2016, a monumental renovation was undertaken at the Winbranch Complex in Memphis, TN. The purpose of the large restoration project was to return Winbranch Complex to its good days after the complex had been ravaged by poor maintenance and management in the past, high crime rates and a low occupancy rate. The project was undertaken by a dedicated team of construction experts who managed the multitude of challenges presented by the 432-apartment complex. The experienced crew proceeded with changes that would create second chance apartments while uplifting the local community.

The Winbranch Complex in Memphis, TN, started off with less than 30% of its units being occupied. Not only had this complex with over 400 apartments lost its residents but it was also in dire need of structural and communal transformation. Crime rates in the community were at an all-time high, which resulted in a multi-faceted approach to get Winbranch Complex back to its restored condition.

The renovation required a professional management and construction company to address the structural and the surrounding community issues at the Winbranch Complex. A comprehensive building and restorative plan had to be created together with a management road map. My Management LLC inspected Winbranch Complex, and with knowledge of its former potential, the business proceeded to invest millions to restore the complex and to provide second chance apartments for future renters in a nice and peaceful environment.

During the inspection, the apartments were in a state of ruin. Walls were dilapidated, crime was high, and a lack of suitable tenants meant a lack of investment potential.

Together with capital improvements, construction, co-operation with MPD and the City, the project to restore Winbranch Complex to its good old days had begun.

The renovation involved structural improvements, including a focus on the safety of the complex and its residents. The insulation was repaired, cracked walls fixed, the entrance gate got up and running, apartments got a beautiful facelift and the breezeways were corrected. The goal was to create an apartment complex that residents found appealing but, most importantly, that they can be proud of raising their kids in.

The Winbranch Complex renovation took less than two years to complete from the start of the project. Today, its occupancy rates are at an all-time peak; it presents a safer community and it offers second chance apartments for its valued residents. Owing to the communal and professional efforts that went into its restoration, the Winbranch Complex in Memphis, TN, is now a peaceful and happy place to live at.

Winbranch Complex Memphis, TN

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