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WineLoc Summer Wine Shipper Kit Keeps Wine Cool

The Wineloc(TM) recycled content Summer Wine shipper provides a constant stable temperature for approximately 72 hours. Click here for high-resolution version

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - May 14, 2013) -  ACH Foam Technologies has answered market demands with a new Wineloc™ recycled content Summer Wine shipper. ACH Foam Technologies developed the new 6- and 12-pack wine shippers to provide a constant stable temperature for approximately 72 hours. This package system, designed to meet ISTA-7E temperature testing profile, protects wine from the harsh high temperatures that often occur in transit during the summer months. 

According to Erich Brandt, Senior V.P. Sales & Marketing, high temperatures can degrade the composition of wine. Extreme temperatures can also cause corks to leak and sometimes even pop from the bottle. "These are reasons that most wine makers will stop shipments of club orders during the summer months," explains Brandt.

"The wine industry has faced a dilemma for years: wine drinkers still want wine in the summer -- no matter how difficult transporting it happens to be. ACH Foam Technologies took this complex problem to heart, and, after applying design techniques from their DuraTherm brand insulated shipping container products line, developed WineLoc 6- and 12-pack wine shippers that solve the problem," Brandt adds. The wine shippers are made with EcoSix 60% recycled content.

The EPS 6- and 12-pack foam units are contained within a corrugated outer carton and utilize specially designed pockets that hold frozen gel refrigerants and allow internal airflow. These refrigerants are designed specifically for the maximum amount of wine possible in the package, keeping the wine at or below 80°F for up to 72 hours. This enables wine makers to ship 2-day and sometimes 3-day shipments to customers during the summer months and have peace of mind that the wine they spent so much time crafting arrives in good condition. 

The Wineloc summer wine shipper is made with EcoSix™ reclaimed EPS foam. The first EPS packaging made of 60% or more recycled content, WineLoc offers superior protective performance -- making it one of the most efficient packaging materials for the wine industry.

Wineloc's summer wine shippers are now available as kitted 6- or 12- packs with foam base, lid, and carton. Gel refrigerants are sold separately in case quantities. Wineloc shippers can also be ordered as a foam-only unit, allowing companies to utilize their own logo boxes. Contact WineLoc at call 800-444-9290.