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Wireless Charging Pads Coming to GM Cars

George Kennedy

There are a number of amazing new technologies coming to automobiles, and one is just around the corner. According to a Bloomberg report, General Motors is bringing wireless charging into the cabin of more of its passenger cars.

General Motors is an investor in Powermat Technologies Ltd, and the investment is paying dividends in the form of its wireless charging system in select 2014 model year vehicles. Currently, the Chevrolet Volt, the 2013 Toyota Avalon and 2013 Dodge Dart offer such wireless charging capability, but with an expected 100 million mobile devices to feature wireless charging, automakers are hot to get out ahead of the technology.

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But with any emerging technology, there are growing pains, and already, several industry standards have been promoted. Powermat, BlackBerry and AT&T have adopted one standard, while Nokia Oyj, Samsung, and Verizon have adopted another standard. Still, HTC, Intel and Qualcomm have created yet a third alliance for determining a standard.

00-Wireless Charging

Powermat’s previous efforts in a joint venture with Proctor & Gamble may pay dividends in this race for wireless charging dominance. Duracell Powermat chargers have been installed in Starbuck’s shops in Madison Square Garden and throughout Boston and the Silocon Valley.

The wireless charging firm won’t comment on exactly when we can expect its availability in all GM cars, but with a limited number of models receiving the technology as soon as 2014, customers should expect to see this feature in the near future.

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