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wiresurfer.com Launches One-Stop Comparison Marketplace for Telecom Deals Aimed at Business

CORAL SPRINGS, FL--(Marketwire - Oct 2, 2012) - wiresurfer.com today launched the world's first online marketplace for telecom deals -- specifically aimed at businesses that may not be aware of national promotions and special offers by reputable carriers throughout the country. Think of it as Travelzoo for small and medium sized business (SMB) telecom.

wiresurfer is the first free online marketplace that gives SMBs an easy way to accurately compare voice and broadband data services from major carriers, all in one place on the Web. This new national website saves SMBs money and time in comparison shopping for telecom services, while simultaneously helping telecom carriers to more effectively market their products and services to businesses across the U.S. The telecom promotions are updated daily, so businesses can trust they are getting the best available deal.

Using wiresurfer SMBs can quickly and easily find the services that meet their needs and compare the offerings from national carriers including 8x8 ( NASDAQ : EGHT ), AT&T ( NYSE : T ), Cbeyond ( NASDAQ : CBEY ), CenturyLink ( NYSE : CTL ), Charter Business ( NASDAQ : CHTR ), Comcast Business Services, DSCI Corporation, EarthLink ( NASDAQ : ELNK ), InterCall, tw telecom ( NASDAQ : TWTC ), Windstream ( NASDAQ : WIN ) and XO Communications. In addition, wiresurfer.com will offer experienced and unbiased live customer support to help navigate the process and the company has a partnership with GeekSquad to further assist SMBs in their IT support needs.

"Nearly everyone has become familiar with online comparison shopping using sites like Orbitz or Travelzoo, but telecom never became part of that 21st century marketplace until now," said Jeff Kaufman, CEO of wiresurfer.com. "With wiresurfer, carriers promote their deals in a very user friendly format, allowing SMBs to avoid the hassle of keeping track of each carrier's bundled options and sales processes." What's more, according to co-founder Mike Fallman, "the deals are updated daily without fees of any kind to the business."

The benefits of a one-stop-comparison shop for telecom services are obvious for SMBs, but carriers also stand to benefit from wiresurfer's unique marketplace because it will open the competitive gates, allowing companies to compete with each other across all geographic regions, giving carriers a true market-based scenario, regardless of brand recognition in certain areas.

"As mobility and BYOD continue to gain momentum in the market, SMBs will look for a more efficient way to purchase voice and data communication services to better align their business goals with technology solutions," said Tiffani Bova, vice president, Sales Strategies & Channel Management WW for Gartner. "Marketplaces allowing companies to compare providers, services and carriers is a valuable addition to their shopping experience."

wiresurfer expects to continue to add additional service providers to its network. Services available today for comparison shopping include wireline voice, wireless voice and data, voice over IP (VoIP), Internet/broadband data including cable and DSL, collocation hosting, audio and web conferencing, and cloud-based solutions.

wiresurfer launched today at the prestigious DEMO conference in Silicon Valley. DEMO is a premier event for entrepreneurial companies that have been rigorously evaluated for their promising ideas and leadership. Companies launched at DEMO have the benefit of directly introducing themselves to key venture capitalists, executive leadership, customers and members of the media.

More details on wiresurfer can easily be found on its web site.

About wiresurfer.com

Launched in 2012, wiresurfer.com is the industry's first and only free online marketplace that lets small and medium sized businesses comparison shop for services from the nation's major telecom carriers. This gives businesses the best available deal while dramatically simplifying the shopping experience. wiresurfer has relationships with network providers across the U.S. including many of the nation's largest carriers. Privately owned and operated, wiresurfer is headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla. For more information please visit www.wiresurfer.com

For press inquiries, please visit: http://www.wiresurfer.com/press