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What I Wish I Had Known About Men's Fashion At 21

Ashley Lutz
stylish man


A stylish thirty-something has some great advice for younger men who want to look good. 

"Now that I’m older and can afford it, I dress pretty well, but when I was in college, I didn't, because I thought I couldn't afford it," the man, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared on Reddit. " Looking back, I could have dressed a lot better without impacting my budget too much." 

He shared five tips for what he wish he'd known at age 21. 

1. Plan ahead. " I would walk into Kenneth Cole or Aldo when I needed  new shoes, and I would end up spending $100 on low quality shoes I didn’t actually like that much," he shares. 

2. Only buy stuff you love. " When I try something on now I think, 'Do like this enough that I would come back and buy another one if it was ruined in a grease fire tomorrow?' If not, don’t buy it. This rubric has served me well," the man writes. 

3. Consider quality. " Shoes are a big deal. If you can’t afford a pair of good shoes over $150, you also can’t afford to spend $70 at Aldo—those will look cheap soon and need to be replaced. And man do I wish I had spent $119 at Barneys Warehouse on some shoes that used to be $325, rather than $80 at Kenneth Cole," he says. 

4. Some clothing is off-limits. " Never wear a baggy t-shirt with a logo on it," the man writes. "Ever." 

5. Don't spend a lot on trendy items.  "Overspend on the core items—shoes, watch, coat. Underspend on the season’s cheap fashion. Go to Target to buy a scarf if it’s on-trend," he says. 

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