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WishTrip Deployed in Singapore's Mega Adventure Park

Platform Expected to Enhance Adventure Experience For Growing Asian Market

SINGAPORE, Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Mega Adventure, one of Singapore's main attractions and recent recipient of Trip Advisor's Travellers' Choice Award for 2019 (Top 10 Experiences in Singapore), announced that it has implemented the WishTrip tourism experience management platform as part of an effort to enhance its customer experience and provide a better in-park experience to Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other visitors from Asia and beyond.

Zip line at Mega Adventure on Sentosa. Mega Adventure caters to adventure tourists from all over the world with the help of WishTrip, a tourism experience management platform and smart tourism solution.

The rapid rise of a new middle class in Asia has facilitated a boom in the building of Aerial Adventure Parks and Zip Lines. These attractions have global ambitions, to entice and thrill adventure seekers from Asia and around the world.

To stand out from the competition, Aerial Adventure Parks increasingly need to meet tourists' evolving expectations. Smartphone carrying travelers have come to expect real-time interaction with the parks they visit. In return, parks that are able to greet their visitors as soon as they arrive and offer them ideas on what to see and do during their visits are much more likely to create valuable, ongoing relationships with today's discriminating tourists.

The WishTrip platform makes it possible for clients to provide tourists from around the world with unique travel experiences, not just trips.

To help parks gain detailed insights into their visitors' travel habits and preferences, WishTrip enables clients to actively monitor tourist activity. The data that is collected helps clients make better strategic decisions that shape and have a positive impact on visitors' experiences.

The platform's instant translation capability expands the number of tourists that WishTrip clients can connect and communicate with during their visits.

WishTrip also strengthens and spreads their clients' brands. The platform enables clients to harness visitor-generated images and videos to produce more effective online word-of-mouth marketing.

For visitors, WishTrip will automatically transform the pictures other visitors take while at Mega Adventure into an eye-catching souvenir album that will provide great publicity for the park when shared.

WishTrip Founder and Co-CEO Yakov Slushtz said about Mega Adventure: "The park is famous for providing a world class experience and is home to Asia's No.1 Zipline, the MegaZip. WishTrip will help Mega Adventure provide even more meaningful experiences, by enabling the park to gain a better understanding of its visitors' travel habits. These insights will help Mega Adventure create more authentic interactive digital experiences. We are proud to provide Mega Adventure with the tools they need to accommodate visitors from Asia and around the world."

Zishan Amir, Mega Adventure's General Manager, remarked: "WishTrip and Mega Adventure have the same mission: to give people the opportunity to find meaning through adventure. WishTrip's instant translation feature means that Mega Adventure can now provide exhilarating experiences to anyone from anywhere. Thrill seekers from every walk of life will now be able to visit Mega Adventure and understand immediately where to go and what is going on. The benefit of having user generated content embedded into the app means that visitors get to immerse themselves into the experience before trying out the activities. We also love that WishTrip gives all of our users beautiful and attractive souvenir albums and videos so that they can reflect back on their adventures for years to come."

About WishTrip: WishTrip is a SaaS-based tourism experience management platform that enables tourist destinations to play a more active role in shaping visitors' travel experiences. WishTrip helps destinations learn more about their visitors, personalize their experiences and improve their online reputations. For visitors, WishTrip is a smartphone application that helps travelers seamlessly navigate sites, find information and record their memories. WishTrip recently made the UNWTO's Top 20 Travel Tech Companies list. 

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