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Wizard Research CEO Eddie Sitt Discusses the Link Between Innovation and Elevation

Eddie Sitt on Company Innovation: How He Took Wizard Research to the Next Level

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 11, 2021 / Eddie Sitt created the revolutionary Dry Eye Mask, a feat that has launched his company to new heights. He opens up about why it matters for companies to come up with original ideas and how it helps customers and staff alike.

With companies merging left and right, it would be easy to think that innovation has largely been put on the backburner. Instead of coming up with anything new, CEOs simply buy ideas and then either integrate them into their company or discard them entirely. Eddie Sitt is the CEO of Wizard Research Laboratories and a firm believer in the power of thinking differently. He discusses why it's so important and how leaders can use it to elevate their company.

In order to understand the link between creative thinking and success, it helps to understand the types of products that Sitt is known for. The latest product available from Wizard Research is called the Dry Eye Mask. Described as a disruptor by Sitt, this product targets the dysfunctional glands that make dry eye possible. With the help of gentle, stimulating heat, courtesy of electricity and not a microwave, this mask has shown tremendous promise to reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

There are a few takeaways from this product. Eddie Sitt has spent years analyzing how the healthcare industry works and why certain conditions go ignored while others get the attention. Dry eye may not be a life-threatening condition, but it's a ubiquitous one. In some studies, estimates put global prevalence as high as 50%. The effects of stinging eyes can range from slight irritation to blurry vision during critical tasks like driving.

Eye drops, whether over-the-counter or prescription, certainly help, but they need to be constantly replaced. Microwavable masks can be used, but the technology is largely no more sophisticated than putting a warm towel over the eyes. Sitt saw a need that no company was filling, which is why he set on the course to come up with something new. Far from being driven by a quick fix, Wizard Research took the time to develop a mask that stimulated the delicate glands in the eyelid with a gentle, targeted heat. By thinning the oil in the eyelid, the mask is able to help the body use its own defenses to lubricate the eyes.

In studies, 99.6% of users reported a significant improvement in dry eye relief after trying the mask. These results sparked plenty of interest, both from insurance companies and beyond. Companies like Emirates Airlines have partnered with Sitt to have his mask available on select flights and retailers are keen to get this product on shelves. Insurance companies are prepared to cover up to one mask for policyholders per year.

Eddie Sitt: Innovation at Work

For Sitt, innovation is the best way to help a company get ahead. It all comes down to making your organization indispensable in the market. Not only does the Dry Eye Mask offer very different benefits than drops or microwavable masks, it's also the only thing like it available.

The work required to develop it, which included everything from prototypes to patents, was the only way for Eddie Sitt to make an actual impact. Rather than simply accepting the industry as-is, he had to challenge the status quo in a way that no one else was attempting. Today, he's able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Wizard Research is receiving attention and interest that places it firmly on a higher plane.

Sitt is the first to admit that plenty of companies have become successful for essentially mimicking a product or service that's already available. For him, though, real innovation is what drives companies ahead. If he had chosen to produce another microwave mask or over-the-counter eye drop, he might have enjoyed some interest simply by the virtue of novelty or his product might have been largely ignored. To achieve lasting success, Sitt believes that CEOs and decision-makers have to be ready to take a risk.

His advice to leaders is to always look at how the target demographic perceives their options. For Sitt, he realized that dry eye sufferers were tired of depending on little bottles or buying microwave masks that weren't really developed for their long-term symptoms. Real innovation and growth for a company stems from being able to both process the frustrations of your audience and then conceive of a different kind of future. Leaders who have this mindset make their companies more bulletproof and open up new paths to greatness. As Wizard Research garners more press for its successful outcomes and high-profile partnerships, it's clear that its latest invention is tapping into a very big market.


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