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WMBC Champions Movement for Human Centric Wealth Planning

Creating a meaningful life in the New Year begins with Human Centric Wealth Planning

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Oct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Human Centric Wealth Planning is a signature tool utilized by WMBC's team of professionals to deeply understand each client, evaluate what they have, and create innovative financial systems rooted in the client's actual needs. Separated into three parts, Human Centric Wealth Planning is a framework that encompasses well-being discovery, resource exploration, and systems creation. The cyclical nature of the framework allows for constant monitoring of each individual's plan and flexibility to accommodate life's inevitable changes.


The firm's approach to well-being is based on the model developed for the UK Government Office of Science. The model recognizes that well-being is both influenced by, and influences, multiple interconnecting components.

Simply put, an individual's external conditions act together with their personal resources to allow them to function well in their interactions with the world and therefore experience positive emotions. When people function well and experience positive emotions they are considered to have high well-being.

The well-being questionnaire, which is a key part of this process, was developed by scientists with 12 years of experience working with international bodies to create measures of well-being through subjective responses which generate quantitative metrics.

As many clients look ahead to the New Year, now is the time to consider options and solutions for investing in a meaningful life. Creating a movement in the industry with their revolutionary approach to financial planning and wealth management, the collective team at WMBC has been recognized as champions for change, and hope to see this modern philosophy adopted by other organizations nationwide.

"My greatest privilege is to serve others and provide true value to their lives, which is why our signature Human Centric Wealth Planning process has become a focus for our firm – in pursuit of changing the way these processes are considered, approached and executed so our clients can live gratifying lives now and not just in retirement." –Scott Coles, President and Wealth Advisor WMBC

About WMBC:
WMBC was founded by Scott Coles who holds designations as a Charter Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), with nearly forty years of experience in the financial planning, wealth management and life insurance industries. Curating a team of industry leading professionals, WMBC offers wealth planning, portfolio management and business consulting. Their mission is to help individuals and families use wealth as a tool to help promote well-being. Through their signature planning process, they are able to create wealth plans that are efficient in promoting well-being, with four metrics utilized to measure and track success: Net Worth, Risk Number, Wealth Index Number and Well-Being Number. For more information, please visit: https://wmbc.financial/wealth-planning/.

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