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Wolters Kluwer Corsearch Partners With Darts-ip to Deliver Litigation-Based Risk Assessments in the Trademark Workflow

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 20, 2015) - Wolters Kluwer's Corsearch business the leading global provider of the most innovative and reliable solutions to protect brands and trademarks, has joined an industry-first partnership with Darts-ip, the world's top provider of global intellectual property case law. Together, the pair will deliver a unique solution in the trademark industry, driving litigation-based analytics to trademark practitioners, providing them with valuable insight into managing risk represented by specific marks.

Until now, trademark professionals have been forced to analyze the risk posed by a potentially infringing mark and separately review any litigation related to the mark. This creates two time-consuming processes for busy professionals and makes it all the more difficult to make the right decision. Conducting a risk assessment without fully analyzing the relevant litigation could result in costly efforts and unwanted outcomes.

Fortunately for the trademark community, Corsearch and Darts-ip are breaking new ground. The pair is first integrating the review of case law into the risk analysis process. Then, it is vastly expediting that review by directly automating Darts-ip's proprietary and unique litigation searches, validated by data of case decisions involving owners, goods and even mark similarity.

Of course, users of both Corsearch and Darts-ip will still be able to directly, easily, and quickly conduct their own review of the litigation history from an identified trademark record on the Corsearch platform into the relevant cases on Darts-ip, whenever they wish.

"Corsearch has consistently focused on bringing special value to trademark practitioners by streamlining workflows and saving time and effort for our users so that they can devote their skills towards their clients," says Tobias Hartmann, general manager of Wolters Kluwer's Corsearch. "By working with Darts-ip -- whose expertise in case law analysis is unrivaled -- we will be delivering to the trademark practitioner time-savings that no other provider can offer. We are thrilled to provide these advanced predictive analytic capabilities to our customers."

Corsearch is already rated #1 in the market among global practitioners in relevance of marks cited in watching by World Trademark Review's Global Market Study of 2015 and #1 in every category of searching, Therefore, trademark practitioners can be confident these new advancements will change the industry's very definition of trademark watching. More specifically, it will help make the labor-intensive process practitioners previously faced so much more efficient that the actionable analytics will likely be the foundation of further industry advancements to come.

Jean-Jo Evrard, founding partner at Darts-ip, agrees: "With the integration of our litigation data, Corsearch will be the most sophisticated and most effective trademark search engine on the market. It will be a game changer for trademark practitioners who will be able to work faster and make better decisions when clearing and protecting trademarks. We are thrilled with this partnership and are looking forward to customers' feedback."

About Wolters Kluwer's Corsearch
Corsearch, a Wolters Kluwer business, is the premier provider of clearance and protection solutions for trademark and brand professionals. Best-in-class research, in-depth understanding of industry workflows, relentless focus on the needs of our clients, and unparalleled service are the hallmarks of Corsearch trademark and digital brand solutions. Ranked the #1 quality search provider in World Trademark Review's 2015 global study of trademark and brand practitioners in service providers, our commitment to the highest level of quality research and data, has enabled Corsearch users to experience workflow efficiencies, increased productivity, maximum ROI, and personalized service unmatched in the industry. Headquartered in New York City, Corsearch has offices in Brussels, Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Paris, and Sydney. Learn more at www.corsearch.com and read the Corsearch blog at www.trademarksandbrands.com.

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About Darts-ip
Darts-ip is the Global Intellectual Property ("IP") Case Law Database, enabling 23,000 IP practitioners from big and small law firms, IP consulting specialists and corporates around the world to find cases that matter and to gain global insights. Darts-ip collects decisions daily and currently has almost 2.3 Million cases from over 2,800 courts globally. Each individual decision is analysed locally by trade mark, patent, design or domain name specialists. And search interfaces are tailored to the needs of IP professionals. Please visit www.Darts-ip.com or contact us at news@Darts-ip.com for further information