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A woman's tweets perfectly capture the insanity at the Atlanta airport during the 11-hour power outage (DAL, TWX)

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atlanta airport power outage

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  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport experienced an 11-hour power outage on Sunday.
  • Over 1,200 flights were canceled.
  • Passengers and observers documented their frustration on Twitter.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport experienced a power outage on Sunday that led to the cancellation of over 1,200 flights on Sunday and Monday.

Activity at the world's busiest airport came to a halt after a fire in an underground electrical facility caused the outage at 1 p.m on Sunday. Power returned to the airport early Monday morning.

Delta Air Lines suffered the most of any airline, canceling about 1,200 flights on Sunday and Monday. Some say the airline most likely won't resume normal operations in Atlanta until Tuesday.

Betsy Klein, a CNN reporter, documented the experience on Twitter, describing how the airport slowly descended into chaos as passengers were left in the airport or on planes with limited food, water, and information about the power outage.

Tweet Embed:
Everyone on the plane - so far - is pretty calm and patient. They've begun another round of beverage service. Tweet Embed:
"It's hard to see how this ends," the lady next to me says Tweet Embed:
Pilot also told some of the folks a few aisles up that there's enough fuel on the plane to sustain power on the tarmac for 3-4 days -- but not enough to actually fly to a different airport. Tweet Embed:
The deplaning pic.twitter.com/UZlQmxs69Z Tweet Embed:
Pilot says POWER IS BACK in terminals F and E!!! As my colleagues have been reporting, the root cause was a fire. We are making progress (slowly) toward eventually getting off this plane, more than 5 hours later. pic.twitter.com/z3qB4YET9W Tweet Embed:
I can't overemphasize how exceedingly patient my fellow passengers have been - esp the young ones. And crew/pilot have been GREAT. But we have also all now been on this full @Delta plane since we boarded at 11:45 am and there hasn't been food or water since late afternoon. Tweet Embed:
It is SWELTERING inside the airport. No water or fThere are people sleeping on baggage claim belts. The line for delta support is VERY long. Tweet Embed:
pic.twitter.com/XtxfzyrBS5 Tweet Embed:

Other passengers and observers found the power outage to be equally frustrating.

Tweet Embed:
Update from my mom at @ATLairport : still no food, water, police, or evacuations. Passengers have been stranded in terminals for 10 hours with no help! Cannot leave and people are getting weird. @Delta please, can’t you get some @dasaniwater and pizza into the airport?!?!?! Tweet Embed:
Here's some irony. On this day in 1903, the Wright brothers flew their first flight. Meanwhile, at the Atlanta Airport. Nada #NoPowerNoFlights Tweet Embed:
Total and abject failure here at ATL Airport today. I am stuck on @delta flight, passengers and crew tolerating it. But there is no excuse for lack of workable redundant power source. NONE! #atlairport#delta Tweet Embed:
A live look at ATL maintenance workers attempting to restore power to the airport after 4 hours. pic.twitter.com/L6iuq9hmRQ Tweet Embed:
#atlairport#ATL I've worked there forever. Nothing like this, or even close, has ever happened. Something is wrong. I left before they evacuated released/employees because my gut told me to. I know how things are supposed to go down. Today was completely different. Tweet Embed:
6 hours later stuck in a plane, a truck comes toward the plane , as everyone onboard thinks we are about to get rescued.... Sike.. it’s just a guy to flush our toilets]]>🙄😫

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