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A woman has Elon Musk's old number, and people won't stop texting her

Tony Markovich
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    If you answer a call from an unknown number you are just asking for trouble.
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    Having that phone number would be gold for someone looking to make business connections!
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    ahhh yeah this is ahh elon. sure it is. in fact if you send me $100 cash i will send you a brand new tesla.
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    Tulsa, Oklahoma, has transformed its iconic Golden Driller statue to look like Tesla founder Elon Musk in a bid to attract the company's new factory to town.
    The statue is joining the effort to lure the automaker to build its new U.S. assembly plant in Oklahoma's second-largest city.
    The new look for the 75-foot tall, golden statue in the heart of the city was unveiled by city officials on Wednesday.
    The makeover includes a bright-red Tesla logo on its chest, a Tesla belt buckle and a mask to make the oil field worker resemble Musk.
    The Golden Driller statue receiving a Tesla facelift on Tuesday. The iconic Tulsa, Oklahoma, landmark was transformed in a bid to attract the company's new factory to town
    It was revealed at a press conference Wednesday afternoon at the Tulsa Expo Center, where dozens of Tesla electric cars were parked outside a building that hosted the international petroleum trade show for years.
    'I think it's pretty cool,' said Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum, standing beneath the mammoth statue.
    'It's a way of showing how we want to roll out the red carpet and partner with this company.'
    The company has reportedly picked Tulsa and Austin, Texas, as finalists for its new factory that is expected to employ more than 10,000 people.
    No timeline for a decision has been announced.
    The new factory would construct Model Y utility vehicles. It would be Tesla's second U.S. auto-manufacturing factory.
    Oklahoma touts its low tax rates and cost of living, particularly its low utility costs, when trying to woo businesses from other states.
    Tulsa transforms iconic statue into Tesla CEO Elon Musk in bid to lure the company's new factory
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    Saul Goodman
    Can't talk now. I'm on the moon building a base. But the cell reception up here is good.
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    I once wound up with a golf course's phone number when the local area codes were changed. Nobody would believe they dialed the wrong number, so I just started giving out tee times.
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    Same thing happened to me, no one of note but the fact that he was a psychiatrist made it interesting.
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    Come on, lady. It takes like 10 minutes to get a new number with the same phone. Plus the IRS never calls anyone.
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    In 1997, When I was 12, I created a website called South Park Chat and it was the first site that popped up on yahoo when you searched South Park. The show had just come out, and I used a tape recorder and a computer microphone to record audio clips from the show, I scanned images of characters, and had a chat room dedicated to South Park. I received daily emails from people who thought I was the creator of the show, and that this was their official website. I carefully responded to all the emails, thanking them for watching my show. To this day, there are 100s of people who believe they once received an email from the creators of South Park.
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    Regarding the IRS never texting... when I had my first stock business my printed tax docs filled several legal boxes. I'm pretty sure the IRS has several employees assigned to Musk and they're first name basis.