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Woman had nine surgeries in 24 hours to look like Susi doll, and she's not done

On Botched, Jennifer Pamplona from Brazil was well on her way to reaching her destiny of becoming a perfect Susi doll. “I want to look like plastic surgery people. To be beautiful like a doll, this is my life. This is my destiny,” Pamplona said.

Susi dolls are a lot like Barbie dolls, but with more curves. To achieve this particular look, Pamplona underwent nine plastic surgeries in 24 hours. She had her nose, lips, cheeks, teeth, and breasts altered. She even had some ribs removed and had liposuction. But despite the surgical marathon, she was not happy with the shape of her butt. Pamplona has constant pain owing to PMMA injections in her buttocks. The liquid injection caused pain in her legs and back, and she was even having trouble walking. But this did not discourage her from having another surgery.

Dr. Terry Dubrow didn’t have many options, though. Butt implants weren’t the right choice for her because she wanted the sides of her butt cheeks and thighs to be bigger. And she didn’t have any fat on her body to work with for injections.

When Pamplona suggested they take fat from her mom, Dr. Dubrow quickly rejected that idea and showed her the door. “If she was your identical twin, you still couldn’t take fat from her. It has to be the same person. We’re not the doctors for you,” he said.

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