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Women Want Work-Life Balance More Than A Big Paycheck

Vivian Giang

How do today's career-driven women define success? It's no longer so much about a high salary  and more about work-life balance, according to a survey conducted by networking giant LinkedIn and  Cross-Tab, an online market research company .

The survey, which included more than  5,300 working women across 13 countries,  asked women questions about what they would need in their careers to feel like they "have it all."

The most interesting result comes from their definition of success. Five to 10 years ago, 56% of women attributed success with earning a big paycheck, but only 45% of women think the same today.  And while  39% of women previously defined success as finding the balance between work and personal life, that number has grown to 63% today.

Below is an infographic created by Ghirardelli on the  survey's results:

women infographic


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