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'Wonder' 101: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and cast explain heartwarming story behind new movie

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

If you’re searching for a little wonder this Thanksgiving, look no further than Wonder, the highly anticipated adaptation of the blockbuster children’s novel. A hit with young readers since it first graced shelves in 2012, the R.J. Palacio-penned book takes its title from the eponymous Natalie Merchant tune and tells the story of Auggie Pullman, a big-hearted 10-year-old boy with a pronounced facial deformity. Jacob Tremblay, the breakout child star of the heart-wrenching 2015 drama Room, portrays Auggie in the film version, opposite Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as his anxious parents. Yahoo Entertainment is premiering an exclusive featurette that provides an overview of the phenomenon that is Wonder and demonstrates the intense commitment of the cast and crew to crafting a faithful adaptation. (Watch the video above.)

Opening in theaters on Nov. 17, Wonder is facing some serious competition in the form of the all-star superhero team-up Justice League. But Roberts, for one, thinks little Auggie has the power to take on Batman. As the Pretty Woman star remarks emphatically in the featurette, “This is a superhero movie — to me, Auggie is a superhero.” At the very least, he’s a Jedi; one clip from the film showcases Tremblay and Wilson engaging in a plastic lightsaber battle, a scene that must have thrilled Tremblay’s Star Wars-loving heart. Go far, this young actor will.

Wonder opens in theaters on Nov. 17.

Watch the trailer:

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