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WooCommerce Payment Processing for Online Head Shops Deemed a Core Service by Tower Payments

·4 min read

AMESBURY, Mass., Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Tower Payments, a New-England-based high-risk payment processor, has added head shop payment processing specifically designed for WooCommerce clients as a core service going forward.

According to Nyah Penney, Tower Payments' founder and director, there are multiple factors at play. "We decided early on, as a company, that to focus on everything means to focus on nothing. What I mean by this is, specialization is essential when you want to provide the best service possible. Every high-risk industry, whether it be online paraphernalia, hemp equipment, or even intimacy-themed products like adult toys, has its own rules and regulations in terms of accepting credit cards online."

Additionally, every shopping cart or website builder, whether it be WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, or GoDaddy, has intricacies. Prohibited products, high-risk payment gateway integrations, third-party shopping carts, payment gateway plug-ins, and limitations caused by standard payment processing choices are all factors e-commerce businesses must consider. Because of these many moving parts, Tower Payments' ability to focus on a handful of products and shopping carts, including head shop credit card processing for WooCommerce, allows them to provide the expertise and value needed to serve that niche well.

According to Tower Payments, the ongoing popularity of a given software and product line is a main factor. "We are driven by the demand in the marketplace," Nyah Penney explains. "WooCommerce is wildly popular, and online head shops are becoming almost mainstream."

This seems to bear out in the data. According to BuiltWith, an online technology tracking company, over 200,000 websites in the United States alone use WooCommerce as their WordPress shopping cart.

Additionally, the increase in marijuana legalization across the United States is driving demand for online access to pipes, bongs, and other head shop items. Over 30 states have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana and 19 states have fully legalized recreational use.

Based on shopping cart usage and industry demand, Tower Payments has determined that adding WooCommerce credit card processing for online head shops as a core industry will allow them to focus and fine-tune their services, thereby better serving e-commerce website owners.

Tower Payments offers WooCommerce-integrated AuthorizeNet-based payment processing and NMI payment gateways for head shops. They both provide high-risk online businesses with seamless WooCommerce credit card processing integrations via either the WooCommerce extensions store or through the WordPress plug-ins web page. Tower Payments' nearly seven years of experience working with online head shops allows them to make credit card processing recommendations based on real-world experience.

Tower Payments' website promotes the ability to save money on high-risk credit card processing in addition to a one-on-one support philosophy that is well received by business owners who previously struggled to find credit card processing that both allowed head shop products like smoking pipes and also integrated easily with WooCommerce.

Online head shop businesses are generally prohibited from using standard payment gateways due to the allowed-use restrictions of more traditional credit card processors and standard-offer payment gateways.

The ability to couple high-risk credit card processing that is head shop friendly with either AuthorizeNet or NMI is essential, Nyah Penney says. "Our head shop credit card processing solutions are both focused and flexible. By combining head shop credit card processing with either AuthorizeNet or NMI, we can simultaneously leverage the integrations and stabilities of those world-class payment gateways while allowing online head shop owners options in terms of features, plug-ins, cardholder data storage, and fraud mitigation."

With head shop credit card processing in place, fully integrated with both a payment gateway and WooCommerce, paraphernalia websites are able to sell bongs, smoking pipes, and other head shop products without fear of having their money held or their payment gateway shut down.

As marijuana legalization expands and WooCommerce continues to grow, the need for stable, affordable WooCommerce head shop credit card processing is set to grow. Tower Payments' flexible, yet focused, approach brings additional options to the marketplace.

To learn more about Tower Payments' online head shop AuthorizeNet payment processing for WooCommerce, visit https://towerpayments.com/headshop-credit-card-processing-woocommerce-plugin-wordpress/

Media Contact:

Nyah Penney


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