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Wootak: Setting Up a Business Through his Bartending Journey from Tik-Tok

·4 min read

NEW YORK, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Would you believe that you can use Tik-Tok to build a 6-figure business? Sounds unbelievable, right? But what if we tell you there's someone who has achieved this milestone and set a living example for the entrepreneurs out there? Folks, Wootak is that person who has made a fortune by running his business through TikTok. From showing his creativity in bartending, to utilizing his business instincts to make a business out of it, he surely has come a long way.

Talking about his bartending journey, Wootak recalls, "I was broke, and college was also a bit expensive. I needed money to go to college and loans weren't an option for me. So, the restaurant industry was the one that grabbed my attention to make money. I believe in the idea of tips rather than hourly wages because it feels like commission as you work harder to make more money. After a couple of years, I annoyed my manager to let me bartend and that's how it all began."

Soon, Wootak realized that he is better than most bartenders out there and his creativity was the aspect that made him stand out from others. That's when he decided to make something out of his skills and started creating content. Later, he would spend all his savings for himself and drop the idea of going back to education to take up full-time bartending.

"During my research and spending time on learning, I realized that building an audience is more important than building a business when you're planning to do something new. I started with an Instagram page and posted random cocktail bartending content. It turned out bad, but you need to make bad content to make good content. I spent around a year posting content on Instagram, with no benefits. During the pandemic, New York City shut down, I lost my job and was back to square one. But then, at home, I had all the time to make good content. I explored Tik-Tok and decided to make three videos every single day, and in about 2 weeks I hit the first viral video and my life's changed since then."

One of the important things that Wootak believes in, is that the content has to have values and people usually like it on the basis of either education or entertainment, and the one who can find that happy medium is already on the right track of success.

Wootak's brainchild BarChemistry aims to revolutionize the way the bar industry is managed and make its products available for everyone who wants to pursue bartending. Their main products are the bar tools that include a shaker-strainer set, and jigger. These are the two main tools you need to start making cocktails at home. Wootak further says, "These are the products that I wanted when I started bartending and I couldn't find them anywhere. And that's why I decided to begin my entrepreneurship journey by producing bar tools that I personally wanted. As a bartender, I have all the knowledge to market and make content around such stuff, and now a year later my business has done over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue. There's definitely a demand for such stuff in the market, and people want to get hands at it. The shaker-strainer set in black and lavender shades are the top-selling products. Our main sales take place through the website, and we also sell on Amazon."

For the budding content creators and entrepreneurs, Wootak has some advice to share "The number one advice I would like to give is consistency. I have seen people starting something of their own and putting out social media posts about fitness or finance, but they will give up after 2 weeks just because they didn't go viral in 2 weeks. I made content for a year or so before I got my break. So, people are too quick to give up and that's not how it works. It's been a wild journey for me to start out of nowhere and reach 1.3 million followers and succeed in my own business as well."

Rome was not built in a day. It took immense hard work and perseverance for him to reach this day. BarChemistry is all set to flourish and create the next revolution in the bar industry. While we wish them a great future, their story provides food for thought for all the next-gen entrepreneurs out there.

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