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Workato partners with Apttus as first to bring Intelligent Automation to Apttus Middle Office Platform

The new Workato/Apttus Partnership enables businesses to streamline their customer and revenue operations using Artificial Intelligence

CUPERTINO, Calif., April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Workato, a leading intelligent automation and integration platform, and Apttus, the global leader in Quote-to-Cash and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), announced today that they are a partnering to bring intelligent automations to quote-to-cash and contract management workflows.

"Apttus and Workato have a great synergy as both the companies are focused on using Artificial Intelligence to streamline business processes like Quote-to-Cash and Contract lifecycle management," said Ben Allen, Chief Marketing Officer, Apttus. "We are excited to partner with Workato to bring their Intelligent Automation Platform to all our customers globally. It's business-user-friendly capabilities will provide our customers with speedy revenue outcomes."

The partnership between Apttus and Workato enables customers to achieve scalable growth by maximizing their efficiencies in their revenue operations processes as follows:

  • Faster quote-to-cash: Automate and use AI-enhanced workflows across the entire quote-to-cash process by integrating Apttus with CRM (e.g. Salesforce, MS Dynamics), and ERP/Financial applications (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Workday).
  • Contract cycle time reduction: Automate workflows across the entire contract lifecycle for all types of contracts including sales, service, and procurement by integrating Apttus with Service apps, (e.g. ServiceNow, JIRA ServiceDesk), Procurement apps (e.g. Coupa, Ariba), and ERP/Financial apps (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Workday, Netsuite).
  • Reduce approval times: Reduce the time required to get approvals and contract signatures by enabling intelligent approval workflows through Workbot, a platform bot that works with messaging apps like Slack, MS Teams, Email, and SMS.
  • Empowered Ops: Workato's robust, business-user friendly UI enables sales ops, revenue ops teams and more to build and operate automations while ensuring corporate governance.

"Managing the overall quote-to-cash process and contract lifecycle can be extremely complex and disjointed," said Markus Zirn, VP Business Development at Workato. "We are excited to be the first partner to integrate with the Apttus Middle Office Platform, enabling their customers to automate their customer and revenue operations end-to-end with our AI-enhanced Intelligent Automation Platform."

For more information and use cases on how you can bring intelligent automation into Apttus' Quote to Cash and Contract Lifecycle Management, visit the Apttus Blog.

About Workato:
Workato, an iPaaS leader trusted by over 21,000 organizations, is the only platform for intelligent automations providing enterprise integration, process automation, and a citizen experience, enabling business users and IT to collaborate to build, operate and rollout automations without compromising security and governance. The world's top brands run on Workato including the #1 SaaS company, #1 enterprise collaboration company, #1 financial services company, #1 bakery cafe chain, #1 big data company, #1 cloud content management company, #1 home improvement company, #1 professional soccer league, #1 arts and crafts retail store, and more. For more information, visit www.workato.com or connect with us on social media:



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