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Workers from 12 Federal Agencies Admit to Watching Porn While on the Job

Jacqueline Leo

Maybe Trump is right.  Maybe a smaller federal workforce can be just as efficient as the 2.8 million people who work for the executive branch. That's what an investigation by 4 Washington suggests, a local NBC News TV station in Washington, D.C., which used the Freedom of Information Act to access cases of workers viewing pornography while on the job.

About 100 workers admitted to viewing porn…some for hours a day. One employee said he watched porn at his desk 6 hours a day for several years, according to the News4 I-Team. More troubling, some of the sites visited were loaded with child pornography.

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The FOIA request involved 12 government agencies, including the EPA, Transportation, Justice, Interior, USPS, Labor, NASA, Export-Import Bank, Commerce, Social Security, Energy and Health and Human Services. But many of the offenders got a simple slap on the wrist and still have their jobs, which sheds light on yet another problem – why is it so hard to fire a government worker?

There’s no doubt that most government employees are hardworking individuals who view their mission as public servants as an opportunity to serve their country. But the offenses committed by the 100 known porn perps raises the question about how many others are shopping online at any given time, playing video games or solitaire, or just posting photos on Facebook or Instagram.

Below is a still photo of an interactive map that you can access at 4 Washington to read about the porn cases. 

Federal Workers Viewing Porn

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