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This Workout Will Burn Fat From Every Inch of Your Body

Michele Foley

There are weeks when all you have time for is a one-and-done workout. The kind of workout that leaves sweat dripping from every inch of your body and every muscle shaking. The kind of workout that takes less than an hour to finish, but feels like you were working out for two. This is one of those workouts. If you're short on time, but need a solid sweat session, this beginner combo workout will do you right! A mix of strength training and running, you'll be tasked to push yourself to your edge, while getting stronger, leaner, and faster!

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The Workout

Start off with the 10-minute strength session, then follow it up with the beginner-friendly treadmill interval workout. Before jumping into the workout, be sure to get in a quick dynamic warmup.


Go through the below circuit, doing as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Feel free to modify the exercises to suit your fitness level.

  1. 30 jump rope single unders (if you don't have a jump rope, do lateral bunny hops)
  2. 10 deadlifts using a heavy set of dumbbells or weighted bar
  3. 15 jump squats
  4. 10 negative push-ups

After cycling through 10 minutes of the strength circuit, hop on the treadmill for a satisfying interval workout that alternates between jogging and walking.


Time Speed Incline Notes 0:00-5:00 3.0 1.0 Warmup 5:00-6:00 5.5 1.0 Ladder One 6:00-7:00 3.5 1.0 Recover 7:00-9:00 5.5 1.0 9:00-10:00 3.5 1.0 Recover 10:00-13:00 5.5 1.0 13:00-14:00 3.5 1.0 Recover 14:00-18:00 5.5 1.0 18:00-20:00 3.5 1.0 Recover 20:00-21:00 5.5 4.0 Ladder Two 21:00-22:00 3.5 1.0 Recover 22:00-24:00 5.5 3.0 24:00-25:00 3.5 1.0 Recover 25:00-28:00 5.5 3.0 28:00-29:00 3.5 1.0 Recover 29:00-33:00 5.5 1.0 33:00-38:00 3.5 1.0 Cooldown