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Which workout to try, based on your zodiac sign

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If you find yourself bored with the mundane workout routine you practically have memorized by now, then perhaps it’s time to challenge yourself and look to the stars (we’re talking horoscopes!) to find your new go-to workout to try for the upcoming spring season.  

Now, horoscopes definitely aren’t exactly the sole determining factor of finding the perfect workout, but it’s safe to say that each of the 12 zodiac signs (and four elements) are not one in the same, meaning there’s a unique workout for fiery Leos, peacekeeping Libras, and, of course, all you mysterious Scorpios to enjoy.

To find the ideal workout based on your sign, we spoke to several astrologers and fitness gurus to help you find your spring workout. Here are some of the routines they suggest.


Known for being the bold individualists of the zodiac, those born under the sign of the ram, says astrologer Kristin West, should get out of their comfort zones this spring and stick with workouts that are fast-paced and help build character. She recommends trying synchronized swimming classes or even get into line dancing to help burn calories and get Aries out of their “go-at-it-alone” persona.  

But if group activities really aren’t your thing, Mary Weidner, co-founder of Strongr Fastr, a meal plan and fitness app, recommends long, challenging hikes for Aries, because she says the activity speaks to their bold, adventurous side.  


The stubborn bulls of the zodiac may need some grounding this spring; astrologist Amy Tripp says finding some peace of mind through yoga can definitely help Taureans feel more connected to their bodies.

The Taurus stubborn streak also makes them very determined, making them amazing candidates for marathon or race training activities, according to Marianna Biribin, owner and operator of MGBFIT personal training  and run coaching services.  

“Taurus’s steady and willful nature lends itself well to the measured discipline of race training,” Biribin tells Yahoo.


Social and quick-witted Geminis should turn to tennis once the temperatures rise, because Amy Tripp says Gemini’s mentally sharp and physically quick nature is perfect for fast-paced outdoor activities.

But if Geminis are looking for a workout that goes beyond the tennis court, Mary Weidner recommends looking for group activities that speak to Geminis’ never-ending impulses.

“Geminis should feel encouraged to join a sports league,” Weidner tells Yahoo. “Geminis love listening to their impulses, which is a strength on the court.”


Deep and emotional Cancers may find themselves taking care of others a little more than themselves, making them good candidates for workouts that guarantee lots of solo time.

“Motherly Cancerians can fall into the trap of taking care of everyone else but themselves, says West. “They need time and space to themselves, which is why cross-country jogging is great for Cancers, as it gets them out of the house and into the fresh air.”  

Self-reflecting bike rides are also recommended for Cancers; Mary Weidner says it’s a solo, low-impact activity that complements a Cancer’s introspective nature.  


Leos tend to be natural-born performers of the zodiac, but Kristin West thinks that Leos should focus on sharing the spotlight this spring through workouts that require the help of a partner. She recommends looking into ballroom dancing (or even ice skating) classes, which allow Leos to share their zest for performance with someone else.

Health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour says Leos also have a competitive nature, making it crucial for those born under this sign to check out aggressive activities or classes.

“Leos love to be the best, so a competitive spinning class where you can see your ranking compared to the rest of the class would be great for a Leo’s personality,” Mansour tells Yahoo.


Earthy Virgos are known for being very detail-oriented, making weekly gym classes a must for this sign, according to astrologers like Amy Tripp.  

“Weekly gym classes are great for Virgos as long as it’s regimented and progress can be tracked,” Tripp tells Yahoo. “This detail-oriented sign loves having a set routine and is great at sticking to it.”

Being that Virgos are usually very committed to their goals, Mansour recommends trying a three-month workout program (or a new sport of your choice) at your gym.


Harmonious Libras should definitely gravitate toward graceful, meditative exercises according to husband-and-wife astrologers Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, as these workouts tend to be balancing as well as elegant.

“A meditative, elegant exercise such as tai chi enhances a Libra’s neuromuscular coordination and muscle isolation, and increases stability, while improving their skill and posture,” Farber and Zerner explain to Yahoo. “Anything involving balance is perfect for Libras, from skateboards to TRX to bongo boards.”

But being that Libras also crave balance and symmetry, barre is also recommended, because it helps Libras achieve the inner peace they strive for.

“It comes as no surprise that Libras gravitate toward barre, as the astrological sign shows a fascination with balance and symmetry,” says Becca McCarthy, owner of Pure Barre Williamsburg and Greenpoint studio in Brooklyn, N.Y.


Scorpios are creatures of Pluto (the god of the underworld) making them natural martial artists, says astrologer Mystic Medusa. To release any built-up emotions Scorpios may be experiencing, she advises getting into sweaty, intensive workouts like jujitsu, MMA, and boxing.

Scorpios are also a highly imaginative sign, making them great candidates for high-intensity workouts like HIIT (high intensity interval training), according to Bulletproof Labs trainer Brandon Tobias.

“I recommend HIIT for Scorpios, as it’s a high-intensity workout perfect for the most intense sign of the zodiac — choose one that uses different tools or is circuit based to fuel Scorpio’s imaginative side,” Tobias tells Yahoo.


Sagittarians are always on the move, making them true adventurers at heart. And being that Sagittarians like exploring new places, Monte Farber and Amy Zerner recommend looking into fitness retreats that take this sign to exotic locations.

“Their fitness may include traveling to new locations, skiing in the Alps, kickboxing in Nepal, or trekking outside in nature in an exotic locale,” suggests Farber and Zerner. “Sagittarians might want to join a rock-climbing gym, a suitable alternative to a conventional strength-training regimen, which would be perfect for the Sagittarian exploring nature.”


Self-reliant Capricorns should stick to workouts that come without a fuss, as Mystic Medusa says this earth sign should think about hiring a trainer to help achieve spring workout goals. But if a trainer isn’t an option, she recommends indulging in simpler activities like walking and push-ups to keep fit.  

“Capricorns are super-old-school and like stuff without fuss,” Mystic Medusa tells Yahoo. “If rich, Capricorns will hire a trainer and delegate the whole deal to them — if not, Capricorns can diligently walk or run however many kilometers a day to keep the weight off, cuts carbs, and do push-ups in the bedroom as a meditation routine.”

Being that Capricorns are also determined and ambitious, Stephanie Mansour also suggests that Capricorns try workouts with a partner if they are looking to shake things up.


Airy Aquarians are always into trying new exercise fads, so taking the same dance aerobics class over and over again usually won’t cut it, according to Kristin West. Instead, she recommends Aquarians look into exciting, challenging activities like fencing, which helps engage the tremendous Aquarius intellect.

But if Aquarians are looking for a groundbreaking workout to try this spring, personal trainers like Brandon Tobias suggest looking into trying an Atmospheric Cell Trainer, a one-of-a-kind workout, which changes air pressure to create a workout for your cellular energy system.

Aquarians known for their deep-thinking and community-oriented optimism, will resonate deeply with the rapid oscillations in air-pressure and renewed mental enthusiasm and inspiration that arrives just after a session in the Atmospheric Cell Trainer,” Tobias says.


Farber and Zerner acknowledge that Pisces rules the feet, making movement-focused fitness routines such as Zumba ideal for this water sign. But of course, Pisces is also the sign of the fish, making swimming workouts (think swimming drills) another suitable option.

Pisces are also the dreamers of the zodiac, so if those born under this sign are looking for something more mediative, Tobias recommends float therapy to help soothe any troublesome emotions.

“The mysterious, internal, spiritual nature of the Piscean will be right at home once induced into the deep Theta meditation that comes from spending time inside the Virtual Float Tank,” adds Tobias.

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