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WorkProud Announces Its Platform to Create and Measure Pride in the Workplace

·4 min read

Richardson, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - June 8, 2022) -  WorkProud launched its online workplace platform to help measure the value of pride in the workplace and amplify its impact on business results. The WorkProud platform delivers a unified, digital employee experience and integrated spot award management service. Today's employees face an unprecedented inflation rate and significant structural changes to the workplace while recoiling from the after-effects of the pandemic at both physical and emotional levels. So it is no surprise that employers are facing retention challenges: one-third of new employees are quitting after just six months.

Traditionally HR managers have relied on various engagement techniques and symbolic rewards to engage and retain employees. These approaches were all developed for a different time and a very different employer-employee relationships. At best, these approaches feel disjointed and inconsequential for current employees. At worst, they further depreciate the value of the employer brand and have the inverse effect on the employee for which they were intended.

WorkProud enhances the effectiveness of company recognition and reward systems by providing customized, digital employee experience and spot awards capabilities as a software platform and service. The WorkProud platform serves as a digital destination for employees to share stories, celebrate achievements, and recognize milestones in a social media format tailored to each client. This allows businesses to amplify their employer brand messages in a format and context familiar to employees. WorkProud streamlines recognition, spot awards, and feedback loops between employees, managers, and executives and make it significantly easier for praise and recognition to be captured and amplified.

Uses of the WorkProud platform are extensive: from posting good wishes for an employee's birthday to an executive posting a comment celebrating the good work being done by a particular department. What makes it different is being able to instantly capture, share and amplify the thousands of small and large achievements of individuals and teams-foundations for building Company Cultures that emphasize the value and importance of the individual and their contributions.

The average American picks up their phone 344 times per day or once every four minutes. Given that we spend most of our waking lives at work, WorkProud hopes to turn our phone usage into a medium for boosting employee pride and capturing the often missed small and large opportunities to recognize and appreciate the individual, team, and Company achievements.

For example, it takes a matter of minutes for the CEO of a company to record a short selfie video expressing his appreciation for the business' team of software developers on the other side of the world. This can go a long way towards building workplace pride and making these employees feel seen - especially in today's world of remote-working, where in-face meetings are much less common.

It also provides opportunities for small but consequential achievements of a team working on one side of the world to be appreciated and acknowledged by executives and leaders on the other side of the world.

The mission of WorkProud is to help Companies inspire their employees to feel proud of the work they're doing and proud of the company. The WorkProud study - an investigation of the sources and impact of individual and company pride found that employees with great individual pride are ten times as likely to be highly satisfied with their jobs and 24 times as likely to remain at their current company. 79% of people who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as their reason for leaving. Equally, a study found that 24% of employees that do not feel recognized when they do good work had recently interviewed for another job, compared to just 13% who had received recognition.

In the current climate of low retention and severe pressures on employee wellbeing, WorkProud founder, Michael Levy, believes that building employee pride has never been more important: "PridePride emanates from two major sources: intrinsic Pride, which depends on how self-motivated an individual is, and extrinsic Pride, which stems from feeling valued by our family, peers, colleagues, superiors, and so on. We cannot change a person's intrinsic pride, but WorkProud has been shown to be effective at boosting the extrinsic pride felt by employees. We all want to feel fulfilled at work, and we are aiming to make this feeling much more widespread than it currently is."

Media contact:
Name: Charles DeGuzman
Email: charles.deguzman@workproud.com

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/126980