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Worksport Delivers Innovation And Practicality For The EV Curious

·4 min read

With growing consumer interest in clean energy solutions, the narrative for the wider renewable power industry has never been more compelling. At the same time, few companies have been able to integrate next-generation technologies with current platforms quite like Worksport (OTC: WKSP).

Specializing in solar-panel-integrated tonneau covers for pickup trucks, Worksport addresses multiple consumer needs while evangelizing the benefits of renewable energy products. Primarily, Worksport's lightweight aluminum frame, combined with secure latches, provide excellent protection against theft while simultaneously facilitating easy installation and breakdown.

Just as importantly, Worksport tonneaus keep your cargo sheltered from the elements -- a must-have feature for grocery shopping, transportation of sensitive equipment or for hitting the road for a camping trip.

Of course, the flagship purpose behind these solar-panel-integrated tonneaus is their ability to extract usable energy passively. By incorporating a power bank system into the bed of a pickup truck, Worksport tonneaus provide renewably sourced energy for a variety of purposes, from power tool operations to providing electricity for outdoor/remote events.

With sentiment soaring for go-green initiatives, Worksport also represents an undervalued opportunity for forward-thinking investors.


At the heart of the Worksport narrative is the company's TerraVis system, a scalable platform that delivers solar-energy generation and storage, providing practical applications for both pickup trucks based on internal combustion engines and electric motors.

Primarily, Worksport is aiming to become a Tier 1 OEM manufacturer of solar-panel tonneaus for electric vehicle makers. Secondarily, Worksport sees tremendous opportunity as a Tier 2 aftermarket provider, offering the modular TerraVis system for customers who wish to advantage solar energy for their pre-existing trucks/fleet.

However, the overall vision extends beyond pickups toward other transportation platforms such as marine vehicles and conventional automobiles. Recognizing the trend toward electrification, Worksport staked its claim on the ground floor, crafting a future-proof system that scales with the customer's needs.

Worksport just completed a round of Regulation A Funding, oversubscribed, on their offering of $4,000,000 US. Therefore, the upside potential in WKSP stock is theoretically far greater than what you will find in well-established blue-chip firms. Further, WKSP offers direct exposure to the core business, a characteristic you will not find in larger corporations featuring multiple, disparate business units.


One of the biggest attributes that separates Worksport within the clean transportation sector is adaptability. By providing a modular solution, anyone can benefit from solar energy, irrespective of whether they own an EV or not.

For instance, zero-emissions vehicle manufacturer Adomani (OTC: ADOM) features a similar investment profile to WKSP stock. However, a key difference is that Adomani specializes in manufacturing standalone EVs, as well as electric drivetrain systems for integration with medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

The problem is accessibility. Cost outlays for the above solutions could be prohibitive for many customers. It's the same issue with pure EV companies like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Nio (NYSE: NIO). While they're incredibly innovative organizations, neither offer products that scale to the full spectrum of customer needs and budgets. Instead, they represent an all-or-nothing affair.

Worksport is distinct in that its TerraVis system meets individual customers where they are and grows with them on their clean-energy trajectory.


While extensive research and development has brought solar energy to where it is today, science alone isn't enough to support an enterprise. Without practical applications, the underlying business concept will fail. But wide-ranging utility is exactly where Worksport intends to ply its trade.

First and foremost, the TerraVis system has profound implications for the EV rollout. As automakers increasingly turn to developing electric pickup trucks, Worksport's solution can significantly increase range -- targeting enough charge to cover at least 25% of the average American driver's daily commute.

Given that range anxiety remains the top concern for drivers considering the switch to EVs, WKSP stock is essentially a force multiplier, both for the underlying company and the clean transportation industry at large.

Second, the TerraVis platform is both modular and portable. For commercial fleet owners who are not yet prepared to make a full-scale investment in electrification, they can nevertheless advantage the TerraVis solution, with its power bank providing usable energy to service various tools and equipment.

Moreover, the system is perfect for personal use. With outdoor activities gaining traction due to the risks associated with disease transmission in public transportation methods, TerraVis facilitates off-the-grid power for true independence.

A Ground Floor Opportunity

With so much attention on green energy, many headline companies like Tesla or Nio have absorbed remarkable investor enthusiasm, leading to frothy valuations. On the flipside, WKSP stock is a lesser-known entity, which presents a huge opportunity for current investors.

Thanks to its modular and scalable solar-energy solutions, Worksport enables practical access to renewable and responsibly sourced power. As well, the company offers a product to fit a broad budget range, making it one of the most relevant EV-based investments.

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