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The World in 60 Seconds - March 7, 2017

Ian Bremmer

Originally published by Ian Bremmer on LinkedIn: The World in 60 Seconds - March 7, 2017

Xi heads to F-L-A and a certain dictator becomes "abundantly bombable." It's the World in 60 seconds!

Here we go...

US: Will Trump bomb Syria?

Well the US is bombing Syria – I think you mean Assad. Assad’s regime? Yea sure, I think on balance he probably will, because, look, I mean he wants to show that he’s strong and he’s made these tough steps and Assad is abundantly bombable. But, the US Russia relationship is going to get worse than it has been, we’ve known that was coming, and of course Iran has never been really good.

China: Can Xi make deals with Trump?

Yea on balance, can make deals with Trump but the relationship is still going to be worse and more tense than it was before. Look, 24 hours of behaving when everyone is expecting this is going to be a bit of a disaster and they kind of want it to be, means that they can’t live up to those expectations, so this is going to be, on balance, a tough one.

South Africa: Will the ANC split?

I would say yes, I think Zuma has made it impossible for a lot of the leadership of the ANC to continue to support him. Terrible, terrible legacy for Nelson Mandela.

Hungary: Can Victor Orban tolerate dissent?

No, we’re seeing increasingly not. Hungary doesn’t really belong in the EU at this point. It’s falling apart all by itself, but killing the Central European University was the worst thing you can imagine in that country, that’s in my view.


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