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World champion sprinter Justin Gatlin involved in another doping scandal

Justin Gatlin’s team told undercover reporters it could supply them with performance-enhancing drugs. (AP)

Gold medalist Justin Gatlin is involved in another doping scandal after members of his team were caught trying to supply undercover reporters with performance-enhancing drugs.

Members of The Telegraph pulled off an undercover investigation in which Gatlin’s coach and agent attempted to supply the reporters with performance-enhancing drugs. The reporters were posing as members of a production company, and claimed they were looking for something to help get an actor in shape. Gatlin’s team said they could supply, and also administer, testosterone and human-growth hormone to the actor.

The Telegraph reportedly also has recordings of both men claiming doping is still widespread in sports, and one in which Gatlin’s agent claims the sprinter has used performance-enhancing drugs.

The coach, the former Olympic gold medallist Dennis Mitchell, and the agent, Robert Wagner, were also secretly recorded claiming that the use of banned substances in athletics was still widespread as they described how positive doping tests could be avoided.

In one meeting, the agent claimed that Gatlin had himself been taking performance enhancing drugs – which the sprinter has strenuously denied in a statement.

When confronted about those statements, Gatlin’s agent said he was just playing along because he wanted to convince the reporters to buy the drugs.

Gatlin fired his coach Monday night, and his legal team released five years worth of tests to show that Gatlin “has never tested positive for any banned substance.”

Gatlin, however, received bans in 2001 and 2006 after positive tests. In both instances, Gatlin appealed and had his bans reduced.

Gatlin defeated Usain Bolt in the World Championships in London in 2016

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