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World Champion Tian Liang Promotes Mendale's SOMNUS brand; Special "Pillow" to Solve Sleep Problems

SHANGHAI, March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On the morning of Mar. 19th, Mendale, the Chinese well-known home textile brand and Chinese Sleep Research Society (CSRS), have jointly issued an authoritative report entitled 'Chinese Sleep Quality and Science Popularization Report'. The figures associated with the sleep quality of Chinese people are astonishing. Currently, about 38.2% of the whole population suffers from sleeping problems, ranking the second around the world, which indeed is worth of great concern. Nearly 200 million people snore, 300 million people are insomniacs, and 50 thousand people used to have sleep apnea. In addition, the report points out that, the most fundamental while easily ignored reason influencing sleep quality, is that people's pillows and mattresses do not fit their needs. 80% of sleeping disorders, which severely jeopardize our health, correlate with a wrong pillow. Therefore, the report calls for more attention for sleep problems and more endeavors to avoid chronic diseases and a right selection of pillow and mattress.

SOMNUS, a new brand of Mendale, comes into existence only to solve the Chinese sleep problems with customized services. Professor Chen Nanliang, president of College of Textiles of Donghua University, CSRS Vice President Zhao Zhongxin and Secretary General Mr. Zuo Heming were in attendance at the conference. Li Jing, CEO of Mendale group, showed that many Chinese people were in sub-healthy sleep state under the fast-paced and high-pressured society. Therefore, he hoped by upgrading the quality of pillows, best products to bring better sleep experiences, the sleep quality of Chinese people could be improved.

SOMNUS is a functional brand concentrating on private customization of healthy sleep. The brand focus will gradually change from healthy sleep products to researches on intelligent bedroom. The human body is too complicated, Professor Chen Nanliang said, one special pillow might not be a good fit for everyone. Therefore, the individual customized services provided by SOMNUS make total sense to the development of human health.

On that afternoon, the atmosphere has been put to climax when Mr. Tian Liang, a world diving champion, showed up at No.1 Yaohan as a mystery guest for the SOMNUS itinerant exhibition. As the first to experience Mendale's private customized premium pillow, Mr. Tian Liang enjoyed the customized services from SOMNUS on sight. Later on, this world champion also ran the tests in person and offered tailored services for lucky customers to obtain their own pillows. In addition to experience products, Mr. Tian Liang had become another star user for Mendale's housekeep service I*WASH.

Everyone shares different physical conditions and sleeping experiences, which constitute independent individual needs. Therefore, it is of great importance to select the best pillow and mattress. SOMNUS is introduced to create deep sleep space suited for the Orientals and improve their sleep quality. With the adoption of COOLUX memory cotton materials, this premium pillow is super supportive, comfortable, pressure-resistant and a perfect ergonomically fit for the cervical vertebra; besides, the stores' exclusive services are tailored to each customer based on his/her sleeping position, body shape and personal requirements for a harder pillow or a softer one. It only takes 30 minutes to address customer's sleep issues.

SOMNUS plans to offer three types of product systems, namely, functional, smart and comfort, hoping to create space of deep sleep for Orientals and improve sleep quality. In addition, one customized intellectual sleep system is built based on the former three types. Equipped with the differential product systems and exclusive customized projects, SOMNUS is ready to create space of deep sleep for Easterners.

In the current society, people greatly suffer from the fast tempo of modern life, high pressure of daily work and sleep disturbance at night. However, aimless medical treatment as eating sleeping pills cannot alleviate the sufferings of many people having no knowledge of problem cause. "Chinese Sleep Quality and Science Popularization Report" is the answer. The report once again presents the seemingly "insignificant" sleep problems to the public. Under the careful guidance from SOMNUS, people are able to select and customize a suited high-quality pillow, so as to address sleep issues and improve sleep quality. SOMNUS aims to use special pillow to guard your healthy sleep.

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