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World's First AI Writing Assistant Powered by GPT-3 Launches in the App Store.

The Ideal Tool for Back-to-School

 TORONTO, Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - ParagraphAI Inc., a leading developer of advanced AI-powered productivity tools, today announced the release of their natural language processing ("NLP") AI Writing Assistant. ParagraphAI instantly drafts original and accurate paragraphs of text on any topic with proper grammar and tone correction. The productivity tool is now available to download for free in Google's Chrome Web Store and is the first AI Writing Assistant powered by GPT-3 to launch in Apple's App Store.

ParagraphAI Inc. Logo (CNW Group/DOMI Co.)
ParagraphAI Inc. Logo (CNW Group/DOMI Co.)

ParagraphAI can generate essays, articles, emails, messages and more with perfect spelling, grammar, tone and vocabulary. Its release comes just in time for the back-to-school season with an NLP model and integration that generates 99% original plagiarism-free drafts. Still, in order to get the best results from ParagraphAI, they recommend that users incorporate their own edits and perform both plagiarism checks and fact checks once the text has been generated. ParagraphAI currently offers an indefinite "Free Forever" plan that enables users to write 20 paragraphs a day for personal use, with no credit card required. There are also a variety of affordable payment plans–including a student discount–for those wishing for a more robust service.

Shail Silver, the company's Co-founder and Executive Chair, put the tool's efficiency into perspective: "On average, it takes around 50 minutes to handwrite 1,000 words. ParagraphAI can write 1,000 original words in seconds – by collaborating with AI a writer becomes more like an editor, reviewing the AI-generated text and fine-tuning their message." ParagraphAI is poised to change the way we think about writing.

Built on top of GPT-3 technology from OpenAI, an AI research lab co-founded by Elon Musk, ParagraphAI is one of the most powerful AI productivity tools on the market for both students and professionals. ParagraphAI prioritizes the end-user experience, and it has been designed with dyslexic and visually impaired users in mind. ParagraphAI is accessible to users of all comfort levels and is easy to integrate into pre-existing routines.

"Our mission is to ethically and productively make AI accessible to everyone," said Kevin Frans, a graduate student of AI at M.I.T. and Co-Founder/CTO of ParagraphAI.

For more information, contact ParagraphAI's Communications Manager, Lauren Murillo at lauren@paragraphai.com, (917) 768-9144 or visit their website at www.paragraphai.com.

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