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World's First Programmatic Creative Agency Opens Doors - Startup Dedicated Entirely to Helping Brands Develop Dynamic Creative Ads

HALIFAX, April 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - The world of advertising is evolving with hyper-targeted programmatic capabilities as personalized ads prove to be highly effective. Now there's a creative agency dedicated solely to dynamic and programmatic creative. With Porus Creative (www.poruscreative.com) brands can speak to individual audience segments with the data they already have, using  custom headlines, personalized audio clips, and libraries of unique footage. Undertaking the creation and approval of large-scale creative assets for creative programmatic campaigns can instantly kill a great idea. That's where Porus Creative comes in.

Porus Creative is the premier solution for creating small and large-scale content for dynamic and programmatic creative campaigns. Think of Porus as the bulk store of creative development. The new offering includes helping brands refine current efforts, or break into the programmatic space through a creative lens, coming up with new assets or leveraging already existing creative assets. For brands who have campaigns in market, Porus promises to turn your non-dynamic content into fully dynamic, programmatic ad-server-ready individualized video or banners.

For example, you may be a car brand and operate 15,000 dealerships across the country. Each have their own unique customer base determined by your general market factors - average income, geography, age, sex, etc. Thanks to Porus, marketers now possess the capabilities to hyper-target each one of those people and tap into their consumer mindset with a uniquely developed ad just for them. That means not only could you have the address of every dealership on your targeted pre-roll or display ads, but you can also deliver a custom headline that could include tailored messaging or visuals based on what data you know about the consumer.

Porus helps optimize the development and approval process of those creative assets through a one-stop solution. That means agencies no longer have to tie up their internal resources or incur costly freelancer fees when developing large-scale creative assets such as unique messaging, footage, or audio recordings in bulk.

For Brands & Agencies this means:
*Programmatic Copywriting
*High Volume Art Direction
*Large-Scale Audio Recording
*Scalable Video Production
*Easily hyper-target consumers

For Media & Ad Tech this means:
*Cutting-edge media offerings
*Superior results by hyper-targeting
*Transform current campaigns
*Strategic partnership opportunities

To meet the incredibly high demand for brands looking to creatively define themselves in the dynamic marketing space, Porus Creative has strategically partnered with talent pools, production teams, and programmatic ad tech. This gives the startup opportunity to easily scale up and down, offering clients the choice of the technology and creative teams best suited for their needs.

Porus openly invites more partners from the media, ad tech, production, and ad agency world. To get in contact with Porus Creative, go to www.poruscreative.com.


Porus Creative is a Canadian-based company founded in 2017, and is solely dedicated to helping brands create effective programmatic and dynamic creative. By using a proprietary dynamic creative process custom-tailored to each client, Porus aims to make programmatic creative easy to understand, develop and afford.