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Worldwide Vision Responds to Changes in In-Store Shopping Experience

RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwire -09/04/12)- It is commonly assumed that marketing happens largely outside of a retail venue -- via TV commercials, online ads, or radio jingles. The reality, however, is that a large part of the marketing industry is centered on what happens inside the store; marketers and retail professionals seek to cultivate an in-store experience that encourages consumers to purchase more products. This endeavor has grown more complicated in recent months, though, thanks to the changing nature of the in-store shopping experience. A new article from CSNews notes that changes in technology, coupled with new economic realities, have altered the retail shopping experience in numerous ways. Meanwhile, in-store marketing firm Worldwide Vision has responded to the story with its own statement to the press.

The article notes that the retail experience is currently centered on mobile phones and in-store kiosks. Most major shopping experiences begin by checking for the latest in-store promotions or for coupons. Additionally, smart phones and mobile Internet access make it possible for consumers to compare prices with those found in other, nearby stores, or even from online vendors.

The article goes on to say that it is a difficult and daunting task for in-store retailers to compete with mobile technology, but compete they can. The specific recommendations involve utilizing in-store kiosks and promotional displays, combined with digital media, to encourage consumers to buy their "need to have" and "must have" items while they are in the store.

Worldwide Vision has offered its own take on the state of retail and the importance of the in-store experience, with a new statement to the press. "As technology continues to evolve so must the retail experience," says the company's new press statement. "Here at Worldwide Vision we have incorporated tablets into our marketing approach without losing our core values. This creates an evolved experience for the customer that is not just technologically advanced but is also interactive." The company's bottom line is simply that the retail experience has changed, and adaptation is imperative for continued retail success. "Our consumers now expect retailers to adapt to their ever growing needs both with technology and customer service," says the statement from Worldwide Vision. "The retailers that embrace this new strategy will surely reap the benefits."

The original article's conclusion is that retailers must deploy user-friendly and clean designs as part of their in-store merchandising efforts, with the ultimate goal of branding their products and delivering strong "calls to action."

Worldwide Vision is a marketing firm that specializes in in-store promotions and face-to-face client outreach; the company serves major clients across the country.


Worldwide Vision is a marketing firm that specializes in new client acquisitions through face-to-face, in-store promotions on behalf of its clients' products and services. The company was founded in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina, to work primarily for local businesses and entertainers. Today, the company has expanded to include several regional offices throughout the country, and maintains a tier-1 client list that includes nationally recognized electronics, entertainment, and home improvement brands. Worldwide Vision is also noted for its employee benefits programs and career development strategies.