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xiye on why he bought Mejai's against DAN: 'I didn't have enough money to buy Zhonya's'

Team WE’s mid laner xiye (lolesports)

Following a disappointing MSI semifinal loss, Team WE returned to the LPL intent upon redemption. After a 2-0 week, they have topped their group. To close their week, WE took down DAN Gaming, a rising team that beat EDG in the first match for Group A. After the set, they answered questions from press.

In the second game, when you picked Kassadin, why did you buy Mejai’s later on in the match?

Su “xiye” Hanwei: I didn’t have enough money to buy Zhonya’s Hourglass, but I had enough for Mejai’s, so I thought it was better to buy that than nothing.

Jarvan IV’s win rate is pretty high. What do you think is his weakness?

Ke “957” Changyu: Jarvan IV is very good in teamfights, but he has some trouble in lane facing certain matchups.

I think your team’s strategy favors Rift Herald. What do you think of Rift Herald in the current meta?

Coach Yoon “Homme” Sungyoung: Rift Herald is very important, but as for our strategy, it depends on the circumstance.

In the first game, you used the Rift Herald in the bottom lane, but were unable to get a turret. What was your thought process at that time?

Xiang “Condi” Renjie: We decided to use Rift Herald to push the first turret in the bottom lane, but at that time, its damage against the turret wasn’t particularly explosive, and the enemy team was really prepared for it. One of us died, so it wasn’t very successful.

In both games, your opponent took Graves. What do you think his intention was? How did you play against it?

Condi: I’m not really sure of their intention. I think Graves is just okay on this patch. He isn’t very good in early game, and he isn’t that strong in teamfights.

Why is Kassadin suddenly so popular? How do you use his strengths in a game?

xiye: Doran’s Shield allows more mid laners to resist early pressure, and it gives Kassadin the ability to withstand laning phase. In the late game at level 16, his R can eliminate a player in a second.

Today you played against DAN, who proved their strength by beating EDG earlier this week. When you played against DAN, did you prepare anything special?

Coach Homme: First of all, no matter who we face, we will always seriously prepare for them. Second, EDG’s staff has recently changed, so they’re still trying to find synergy in their team.

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