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XLP Capital Hosts First Annual Investor Day for Devonshire Capital Funds

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - January 14, 2016) - XLP Capital, a leading technology strategy firm with offices in Boston, New York, and Arlington, VA hosted the first annual investor day for Devonshire Capital Funds in Aspen, CO. Devonshire Capital Funds is a privately held Boston and New York-based activist short fund focused on the technology sector. XLP Capital serves as investment manager to Devonshire Capital Funds.

The investor day focused on fund performance metrics, activist campaign criteria, and the general hype surrounding the next tech bubble. The agenda included discussions of overvalued publicly traded technology companies in a variety of sectors, including hardware, telecom, automotive, energy, healthcare services, medical devices, and consumer devices. Special attention was paid to an analysis of the results of Devonshire Capital Funds' very public short of GoPro in the early part of 2015, and the conversations that followed with investment managers, institutional investors, and technology analysts.

Devonshire Capital Funds was founded in May 2014 by the team at XLP Capital to capitalize on hyper-valuations resulting from the technology bubble. The fund officially launched to a select group of friends and family in January 2016.

About Devonshire Capital Funds

Devonshire Capital Funds is a privately held Boston and New York-based activist short fund focused on the technology sector. The fund is managed by leading industry experts in finance, technology strategy, and intellectual property investments. Devonshire Capital Funds uses proprietary methods of data aggregation, screening, and analysis to identify publicly traded technology companies that the firm believes are overvalued. The fund invests deeply in constructing a map of the target company's intellectual property, R&D, and other technology-related factors that contribute to the company's valuation and are often overlooked by equity research analysts. Devonshire Capital carries a portfolio heavily focused on technology and intellectual property-intensive companies. For additional information on Devonshire Capital Funds, or to attend the press day or investors day, please visit www.devonshirecapitalfunds.com, or contact press and investor relations at press@devonshirecapitalfunds.com

About XLP Capital

XLP Capital is a technology development, venture investment, and strategy advisory firm. Headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in New York, NY, and Arlington, VA, XLP takes an engineering-based, hands-on approach to strategic technology investment and advisory work. It applies sophisticated management science to a hands-on, deal-driven approach to technology investment. Whether via the application of high-throughput computational science techniques, rapid prototyping or advanced technology landscaping and analytics, XLP focuses on creating value and wealth through its technology investments. These investments take multiple forms, including venture investing, shareholder activism and corporate innovation programs. For more information, please visit www.xlpcapital.com or contact us at info@xlpcapital.com.

Legal Disclosure

This press release is not an attempt at solicitation. Devonshire Capital Funds is not registered with the SEC. Devonshire Capital Funds does not currently accept subscriptions from outside investors.