XRP Healthcare Africa partners with The Burnratty Investment Group creating a "Dream Team" to reform the multi-billion-dollar African healthcare sector

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LONDON, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- XRP Healthcare Africa has announced a new partnership with The Burnratty Investment Group to revolutionize the African healthcare sector, by joining forces and working in unison with a focus on Africa. The collaboration will consolidate the highly fragmented African healthcare market by pursuing mergers and acquisitions of small and medium-sized private healthcare businesses that align with its strategic vision in Uganda East Africa, being its first point of interest.

XRP Healthcare Africa partners with The Burnratty Investment Group creating a “Dream Team” to reform the multi-billion-dollar African healthcare sector
XRP Healthcare Africa partners with The Burnratty Investment Group creating a “Dream Team” to reform the multi-billion-dollar African healthcare sector

The partnership is poised to achieve exponential growth and create a profitable and sustainable healthcare ecosystem that delivers premium and accessible healthcare services to millions of people across the African continent. Existing partners FasterCapital run by acclaimed investor Hesham Zreik have already given their backing to raise capital for the M&A activity to be pursued by this official partnership between The Burnratty Investment Group and XRP Healthcare Africa.

The formidable partnership aims to attain a billion-dollar valuation while positioning itself as the leading healthcare provider, researcher, influencer, and health technology giant on the African continent by 2026.

The Burnratty Investment Group was chosen for its expert knowledge of East Africa's healthcare terrain and its ambitious plans for the African continent which it now plans to pursue together with XRP Healthcare Africa to maximize profits and shareholder value.

In line with its Global expansion and as a direct result of its partnership with The Burnratty Investment Group, XRP Healthcare has actively gained seven new team members to facilitate legal formalities, frameworks, and expert healthcare advice as they seek to improve and amalgamate the highly fragmented multi-billion-dollar African Healthcare sector.

Dr. Peter Waiswa who recently joined the XRP Healthcare team is a technical advisor for The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Waiswa who will be working closely with both companies released this statement:

"I am thrilled to be part of XRP Healthcare and The Burnratty Investment Group's efforts to revolutionize healthcare in Africa. Our vision to dominate the highly fragmented multi-billion-dollar healthcare sector and provide swift, accessible, and high-quality healthcare is not just ambitious, but also achievable. I am proud to be working alongside the founders of this venture who bring with them a wealth of experience and passion for improving healthcare in Africa. The partnership between Burnratty, XRP Healthcare, and FasterCapital is the right combination of expertise and resources needed to achieve our goals. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of millions of people in Africa and beyond.

Other additions to the formidable "Dream Team" include:

Juan P. Guerrero, Director of Legal Affairs possesses a concentrated legal expertise of over 20 years in commercial transactions with in-house experience in business, tax, and corporate law. He has successfully negotiated and concluded more than 1000 complex and obtuse commercial transactions inclusive of Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures; EPCs, Financials; NDAs, Equity Dealings, Procurement, Network Logistics, and Health Insurance Law, read full bio here.

Dr Craig G. Stark is a physician executive with 20+ years of clinical, operational, and leadership experience specializing in international healthcare with a focus on telemedicine and health systems management in emerging markets. He served as the Chief Medical Officer with oversight of the Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund (AGHF) for the Abraaj Group a leading private equity fund in emerging markets operating in six continents with over $14 Billion US Dollars in management including the Evercare Health Fund, a one-billion-dollar impact fund focused on delivering accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to underserved markets across Africa and South Asia, read full bio here.

Director of Technology, Nico Westerdale has served as the Director of Technology of the $15 Billion US Dollar GoPuff Company an on-demand item deliverer on the 2020 CNBC's Top 50 Distributors List. He was instrumental in growing the product & engineering teams from 7 to 200 people within 2 years. He directed all of GoPuff's consumer-facing engineering efforts, across multiple scrum teams that is to say, the Mobile, Growth and Shopping, and the Driver Experience team, as well as multiple local and off-shore agencies. read the full bio here.

Rodolfo C Rivas is the Assistant Deputy Permanent Representative at the World Trade Organization working as a Frontline negotiator on four intergovernmental agreements, including the Trade Facilitation Agreement, expected to produce accrued global benefits of over US$1 trillion a year; the revised Government Procurement Agreement, with a market access coverage valued at US$100 billion per year; and the expansion of the Information Technology Agreement, with an estimated value of $1.3 trillion in added global trade per year, read full bio here.

Jefferey Short, a Board Member of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, is an experienced top executive with a track record of successfully growing profits and improving operational efficiencies. Specializing in start-up, early-stage, high-growth companies. He is a skilled negotiator and presenter with experience in Fortune 500 companies, CxO, government, education, B2B and B2C markets, full bio here.

Dr Isaac Musuubo has been the Director of Cypress Holdings Uganda Ltd since 2013. He is a Health Advisor at Guidepoint, a world-leading expert network, providing business & government professionals with opportunities to communicate with industry and subject-matter experts to answer hard (or impossible) research questions through the provision of on-demand consultation and data services for leading global companies while working with clients to connect them with top industry experts., full bio here.

Mukisa Joshua William, the Principal and Founding Executive Director at The Burnratty Investment Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating:

"It is euphoric, rapturous, and exultant to announce our partnership with XRP Healthcare - FasterCapital in pursuit of our goal to dominate & consolidate the billion-dollar African healthcare sector. The drive and energy of Laban and Kain Roomes are truly infectious, and with the wisdom and track record of Hesham Zreik, we're perfectly positioned to dominate and revolutionize this fragmented market. Our shared mission is to provide accessible and high-quality healthcare including revolutionizing healthcare payments to millions of people across Africa, which is a noble and rewarding goal that goes far beyond mere financial success. However, I'm confident that our partnership will generate significant wealth and create numerous opportunities for innovation, growth, and impact. With XRP Healthcare & FasterCapital by our side, the sky's the limit, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for our billion-dollar healthcare empire."

Kain Roomes, founder of XRP Healthcare and XRP Healthcare Africa said:

"Partnering with The Burnratty Investment Group is compelling, to say the least. This is a company that shares our vision of upgrading the African healthcare sector and helping millions of lives. When I first spoke to Mukisa Joshua William, not only did I recognize his competent business skills, but my intuition told me straight away this is the person we have to partner with - he is sincere, which is a rare quality nowadays, and has such fire in his belly to move forward with this righteous goal. We anticipate a fascinating journey ahead - all the stars are aligned and there is nothing that can hold us back from achieving it."

Co-founder and Business Development officer Laban Roomes commented on the new partnership:

"In the Burnratty Investment Group, along with important new additions to our team which consists of certified experts in M&A, legal affairs, and healthcare – we believe we have found the ideal team and partnership for our venture into Africa. Everyone concerned shares our goal of working in unison to reform, and elevate the African healthcare sector, starting with Uganda - through mergers and acquisitions of already profitable private healthcare establishments. Our newly onboarded partners and team members which also include Hesham Zreik and his company FasterCapital are a testament to our commitment to positively transforming the African Healthcare sector starting in East Africa to facilitate better Healthcare services for all and not just the privileged. President and Founder of The Burnratty Investment Group Mr. Mukisa Joshua William has proven to be a man of integrity and a respected pillar of society in Uganda, we really could not hope for a better partner on this journey."

The partnership between The Burnratty Investment Group, XRP Healthcare, and FasterCapital is set to create numerous opportunities for innovation and exponential growth in Africa. They are confident that together, they can make a significant impact in the lives of millions of people requiring standard medical supplies and assistance administered from premium healthcare facilities.

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