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XTRADE.IO Aims to Unify the Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Engage Wall Street

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 28, 2018 / XTRADE.IO, a company building a new infrastructure to bring mature Wall Street technologies to the world of cryptocurrency, is aiming to bring liquidity to the cryptocurrency exchanges. The company plans to have a fully featured platform by Q4 2018 with three key pieces of functionality. The first is a FIX API, second is XTRD Pro, the third being a Single Point of Access (SPA). These three functions will enable traditional investors to engage the cryptocurrency market more effectively and efficiently.

"XTRADE Pro is the culmination of my analysis into the deficiencies of cryptocurrency markets with my experience in financial trading and brokerage operations", said Alexander Kravets, CEO of XTRADE.IO. "It is my firm belief that this technology will change how large funds and institutional investors view and treat cryptocurrency."


A FIX API is a financial trading technology that has been used by traders for almost 3 decades. This API enables extremely fast buy and selling processes. By implementing this system into a cryptocurrency trading platform, investing becomes more user-friendly for institutional investors and hedge funds. The API also enables access to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, giving more information on buying and selling.


XTRADE Pro has been designed to be a highly robust, downloadable, multi-exchange software that works like current trading utilities. The platform will include consolidated order books, hotkey order entry, and custom order types. This type of platform will create a way for traditional financial players to engage with cryptocurrency. This will be the first time high-volume cryptocurrency trading software will be introduced into the United States.

Single Point of Access (SPA)

Institutional investors and hedge funds hesitate to invest in cryptocurrency because of the lack of liquidity, and high fees for large trades. A Single Point of Access (SPA) created by XTRADE Pro changes all of this. When buys and sells are aggregated across multiple exchanges by leveraging XTRADE.IO's accounts, trading large amounts of cryptocurrency becomes as simple as pressing a key. XTRADE.IO has established Joint Ventures with exchanges to facilitate the custodial portion of SPA.


XTRADE.IO is a technology company founded by veteran Wall Street trading specialists that are introducing a new infrastructure that would allow banks, hedge funds, and large institutional traders to easily access cryptocurrency markets.

The company is proposing a three-stage solution to solve these and some of the many issues that are a barrier to entry for large, institutional or professional traders. By building a low-latency infrastructure with a unified FIX API, a technology used on Wall Street for over 25 years, along with a standalone trading platform and liquidity aggregation the company will provide precise and virtually instant pricing data while minimizing 'slippage' for the trading of digital assets.

To learn more about XTRADE.IO, visit: www.xtrade.io.

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