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Xtreme Defense Face Shield Leads The Charge Against COVID-19

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / When the pandemic hit, Battery Watering Technologies launched a company called Xtreme Defense Face Shield to aid the country and the community's battle against the virus. The e-commerce site,, will solely focus on manufacturing and distributing high-quality, anti-fog face shields that are made in the USA. The company has pivoted to allow their expertise to address a global issue. They are able to produce up to 6,000 face shields a day.

The virus required society to rethink the way we interact with others and how we take care of our safety. Sanitizing products everywhere became the norm. Face masks and face shields are necessities, even for a stroll around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the grocery store. Businesses ceased to operate and a "new normal" had to be established.

It became mandatory for citizens in nearly every state to wear face coverings while in public places such as restaurants, retail stores, government institutions, and many more. A face shield is included as a face covering so you can wear a shield instead of a mask.

An opinion piece in JAMA, Eli Perenvich, M.D., and his colleagues said that face shields might provide better alternatives over masks. The group also said that face shields show to "reduce immediate viral exposure by 96% when worn by a simulated health care worker within 18 inches of a cough."

The motivation to launch Xtreme Defense Face Shield came when the Battery Watering Technologies CEO, Scott Elliott, and President, Rob Soares, had friends who lost several loved ones from the virus. "We began to brainstorm how we could help and after extensive research, we discovered that most of the face shields people are selling are cheap, flimsy, and uncomfortable. We knew right away that we could do it better and I genuinely believe our product is the best on the market," said Scott Elliott, CEO.

There are many questions still surrounding us about the transmission of coronavirus and while face shields are no sure safeguard, they could be a step in the right direction towards protecting yourself. "A face shield covers your entire face, including your eyes, where a mask does not. A face shield allows you to see and receive basic human characteristics that we used to take for granted, such as a smile," Rob Soares said. Last week, Dr. Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated that citizens should wear something that covers the eyes as well as the mouth and nose.

Xtreme Defense Face Shield has helped many organizations and institutions since its founding, including but not limited to: colleges, school systems, police departments, and businesses. The company is also producing an innovative design for young school-aged children as they return to their regular school schedules. Furthermore, Xtreme Defense Face Shield is finding the right people and businesses to partner with to help carry out their mission to provide protective equipment for every individual in our country.

Learn more about Xtreme Defense Face Shield on their website.

Company: Xtreme Defense Face Shield
Phone Number: (336) 714 0448

SOURCE: Xtreme Defense Face Shield

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