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Yahoo Finance contributor Carl Icahn joins Tumblr

Philip Pearlman
Philip Pearlman

This morning, we’re launching Yahoo Finance Contributors. We’ve lined up a truly all-star cast to publish content on their Tumblr accounts; the content will flow right into Yahoo Finance pages, ticker pages, widgets etc.

In effect, we’re opening up Yahoo Finance, the largest finance site in the world, in a scalable way, and socializing expert-generated content through the awesome powers of Tumblr, while bringing on board some of the very smartest minds on the street.

The contributors will bring even more seasoned, smart and novel analysis to Yahoo Finance, and that is really our main objective  to fortify our site with more goodness for our readers.

The contributors at launch include people you are likely familiar with, such as Carl Icahn, Jim O’Shaughnessy and Josh Brown. But, in a way, I’m most excited about the prospect of bringing incredible market participants and thinkers that you might not be familiar with to the forefront.

People including Ben Carlson, Gregor MacDonald, Greg Harmon and the like. Here’s the full blogroll. Check ‘em all.

While you will find contributor content throughout the Yahoo Fiance site, you can access it all aggregated in one place here on the landing page.

On Tumblr, you can find the contributor content being reblogged daily on the Yahoo Finance Contributor Tumblr. This is where you’ll find the great follows.

We hope you enjoy!

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