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Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 Educates and Inspires the Youngest Future Musicians

The PSS-E30, nicknamed "Remie," is the first musical instrument designed to provide an interactive learning experience for preschoolers

BUENA PARK, Calif., Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Yamaha is delighted to introduce the PSS-E30 educational keyboard. Nicknamed "Remie," it is the first musical instrument designed from scratch to provide a truly interactive learning experience for preschoolers. Studies have shown that the earlier children begin music, the better they become at reading, writing, and math as they grow. Music has even been linked to traits such as fairness and empathy. The PSS-E30 gives children as young as toddlers a head start on all this and more — and grows with them.

The PSS-E30's three octaves of high-quality mini keys are the "Goldilocks" size for little hands to play 47 musical instrument sounds in addition to 74 special effects such as animals, rain, trains, airplanes, cartoon-like sounds, and much more. All these are pictured with icons above the keys and buttons. This stimulates curiosity and helps children make audio-visual associations as they explore their world.

The centerpiece of the PSS-E30 is Quiz mode, which plays a sound and prompts the child to repeat it by pressing the corresponding key, giving feedback about correct and incorrect answers. A more advanced level asks the player to repeat musical notes and intervals. This is a natural way to develop an ear for music while having too much fun to realize that genuine learning is taking place!

Thirty preset songs cover familiar, singable melodies. These are accompanied by a downloadable songbook that lets parents join the fun by taking requests — further encouraging children to eventually learn the songs themselves! Of course, it's more fun to play any tune with a band, so automatic rhythm and accompaniment styles are on hand in 28 musical genres from rock to waltz to samba. Thanks to the PSS-E30's Smart Chord function, a single finger is all it takes to start the accompaniment and play basic chords in the lower range of the keyboard. This can be switched to multi-fingered chords as the child's ability increases.

Designed to be as easy on parents as it is fun for children, the PSS-E30 features a headphone jack for when quiet is needed. Parents can even set a limit on headphone volume to protect developing ears. At under 20 inches wide and weighing just two pounds and ten ounces, the PSS-E30 is easy for small children to take out and put away themselves. Because it runs on four AA batteries or USB power, it can be taken anywhere and plugged into a phone charger, USB battery, or even a computer's USB port. A USB cable is included.

"The PSS-E30 is the first keyboard for very young children that's as fun as any toy, but not a toy," said Ben Harrison, marketing manager, Digital Piano and Portable Keyboard, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Its features are carefully designed to launch kids into a lifetime of musical discovery and joy."

Pricing and Availability
The Yamaha PSS-E30 (MSRP $99.00) will be available exclusively at Amazon through the end of 2019. For more information, visit https://yamaha.io/36xM4os

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