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How Yan Stavisski Turned His Financial Crisis Into A 7-Figure Business By 25

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2020 / It's safe to say that school and even college will not prepare you for adulthood and most of us will be left to figure it out on our own. From credit, taxes, business, and lots more of what adulthood has in store for us, it's something that just about every one of us has to learn and deal with starting in our late teens. It's clear, the education system is broken and is setting up our youth to fail in the real world. In most cases, it will require something drastic to break this pattern.

The Man Behind The Name, Yan Stavisski

Meet Yan Stavisski, a 25-year old entrepreneur revolutionizing the financial education system, operating a 7-figure investing and online education business and doing so, all while traveling to 47 countries.

Yan is also a social media personality and mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs.

At 22, Yan had just graduated from Berkeley University with a finance degree yet could not find a single decent-paying job. He always wanted to become an entrepreneur and this was the route he followed immediately. Only with what he learned in University, Yan set off to start multiple ventures in the ecom, real estate, and digital marketing space. Without much income, he resorted to using credit cards as startup capital only to accumulate over $82,000 worth of credit card debt, a ruined credit history, and not a single profitable business.

Everything seemed to be going in the wrong direction at this point.

Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

It was obvious that even with a finance degree, the real world of entrepreneurship required different knowledge, and certainly a different set of skills. Hitting rock-bottom at 23, Yan decided to take on a sales job and spend the rest of his time learning credit, since that's where a lot of his financial problems originated from.

Yan quickly learned that sales is a very important skill to have and something any entrepreneur must have to see success. Working nearly 60-hour weeks and becoming the top performer in the company, Yan was finally able to pay off the majority of his debts. Learning credit soon proved to be valuable, allowing him to remove all of the negative remarks on his credit profile and going from a 490 credit score to a 760 in a matter of several months.

Yan says that if he knew what he knew now about credit, the $82,000 worth of debt would have never happened; it was a result of being uneducated about something every single person should have basic knowledge of because otherwise, a situation similar to his is what most people are set up for.

It became apparent, after six months of learning credit, that it's something that can actually be used in a positive way, where you actually gain from using it in the form of capital for investing, free travel, and plenty of other things…

Yan quickly found an opportunity to participate in small-scale real estate and e-commerce deals with his new-found credit knowledge about borrowing capital while paying virtually no fees to the banks. This quickly increased his income to the point where he quit his sales job. In addition, Yan used credit card perks to travel the world, totaling 47 countries by January 2020.

In 2019, Yan launched a financial education program called the "Inner Circle" where hundreds of his students learn everything about leveraging credit for business, investing and free travel with the goal of using their knowledge of credit to leave their 9-5 job and achieve a sense of freedom.

From real estate investing, eCommerce, and online education, Yan's businesses are all related to credit and finances in one way or another which he operates while traveling the world and living what a lot of people call "the dream".


Yan has learned his many lessons the hard way, but each time he persevered, thus he is the best example to learn from. What schools and colleges don't teach you about credit, finances, travel hacking, and even sales, you can learn from Yan as he's living proof that learning those four skills and pieces of information will make it possible to find success outside of simply getting a regular 9-5 job. Nothing comes easy, Yan worked relentlessly to earn his success and urges everyone to do the same because you are more likely to lead a fulfilled, happy, successful life doing that than living the average life most people will talk you into.

You can follow Yan Stavisski on Instagram: Yan Stavisski


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