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Yankees farm team upset when adult ruins free ticket giveaway for kids

One fan is trying to ruin a fun gesture from the Pulaski Yankees. (@pulaskiyanks Screenshot on Instagram)

A wise sage once said, “Parents just don’t understand.” In this case, unfortunately, he was right.

The Pulaski Yankees, a rookie affiliate of the New York Yankees, recently gave away free tickets to local students for all 32 of their home games. The idea was to give the kids a “fun, safe, family-friendly activity” for free.

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Well, someone went and ruined that. One fan listed the tickets online in an attempt to sell them for $100. The Pulaski Yankees found the post, and took the opportunity to respond with the following message on their Instagram page:

It reads:

We are disappointed to see a program meant to help the youth of our county be taken advantage of by adults. This month, Growing The Future and the Pulaski Yankees handed out booklets of tickets to every child in each of the 8 Pulaski County schools. These booklets contained 32 tickets so Pulaski County students could have the opportunity to come to all of our home games. We want to provide a fun, safe, family-friendly activity that each child deserves to have.

We hope that you, as supporters of this community and the youth we love and support, will reconsider selling these tickets for personal profit and ONLY purchase tickets through Pulaski Yankees.

On the left, there’s a picture of what appears to be someone’s Facebook profile advertising “32 Home Baseball Tickets” for $100. The Pulaski Yankees blacked out the name of the person who is trying to sell the tickets.

There’s not much more to say here, right? The Pulaski Yankees tried to do something good for their community by giving out free tickets. Now, one kid is without their tickets because an adult wants to make a little profit.

It’s sad and disappointing, but ultimately not surprising. Hopefully, the Pulaski Yankees’ post inspires the individual to reconsider their stance, give the tickets back and reflect on their life choices.

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