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Yankees manager Boone suspended after umpire rant

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone argues with plate umpire Brennan Miller in a game against Tampa Bay, an outburst that earned Boone a one-game suspension by Major League Baseball (AFP Photo/Sarah Stier)

New York (AFP) - New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone was suspended for one game on Friday, a day after erupting in a foul-mouthed rant at rookie plate umpire Brennan Miller in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Yankees swept a double-header against the Rays to stretch their lead in the American League East to eight games on Thursday, but it was Boone's in-your-face reaction to Miller's calls of balls and strikes early in the first game that was the lasting impression of the day.

A statement from Major League Baseball's chief baseball officer Joe Torre said Boone was suspended one game and fined for "inappropriate actions, including contact with the home plate umpire," in the 6-1 win over the Rays.

Boone had already been ejected for arguing calls when he stormed from the dugout, shaking his finger in Miller's face as he delivered a tirade that featured a string of F-bombs and repeated references to his hitters as "savages" in the batter's box.

It quickly went viral, and Boone said Friday he wasn't surprised by the suspension.

"I knew I made contact with my hat, and (Brennan) said it right when it happened," Boone said. "That happened to me last year and I knew it, so I figured I'd be getting the call at some point from Mr. Torre -- and I did."

Miller, working his fifth game behind the plate in the major leagues, remained stony faced as Boone concluded by urging him to "Tighten it up".

Umpire crew chief Gerry Davis told reporters after the game that Boone "absolutely" went too far with his profanity.

Boone had been ejected for arguing from the dugout after Miller called a third strike on New York's Brett Gardner.

A frustrated Gardner was caught on camera pounding his bat into the wall and ceiling of the dugout.

"I felt like players, coaches could have been ejected in that game, especially early in the game, and I didn't want that to happen, so I felt like it was right to stand up," Boone said, although he added that "some of the foul language, I'm not real proud of."

He said Brennan "certainly handled the situation with a lot more class than I did, but also, I thought turned in a really good game.

"I respect the job that they have to do," Boone said.