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Yelp, GoPro and Square earnings after the bell

Stocks whipsaw lower in late trading as the hot oil trade cools off. And we have after hours earnings from the likes of GoPro, Yelp, and Square. Catch The Final Round at 4p ET with Jen Rogers and markets correspondent Nicole Sinclair.

Winners and losers

Stocks in the red today include Seaworld - shares sinking on downbeat EBITDA guidance, web hosting firm GoDaddy down on tepid earnings forecasts, and Tesla - shares reversing as Elon Musk's ambitious production plans have investors bracing for a capital raise.

Stocks pushing higher today include Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba on rising gross merchandise volume - and we note Yahoo owns a small stake in the company; Whole Foods - the organic grocer popping on an earnings beat, Weight Watchers jumping post earnings as the company reiterates spokesperson Oprah Winfrey is making a difference to the bottom line.

Bringing women back to the workforce

There are more than three million women with college or advanced degrees trying to re-enter the workforce, according to the just launched Apres Group. It's a digital recruiting platform trying connect women who have taken a career break with employers that want talent and diversity. Co-founder Jennifer Gefsky tells us why it's so difficult for women who have taken breaks to get back in the workforce.

Looking ahead

  • The big one, the non-farm payrolls report hits the wires in the morning. The street's expecting around 200,000 jobs created. Catch Yahoo Finance's Market Movers tomorrow at 8:30a ET for live analysis.
  • We'll get more earnings reports with companies like Cigna, professional advisory firm Willis Towers Watson, and New York Knicks and Rangers parent Madison Square Garden company all reporting tomorrow.
  • Finally the latest installment from the Marvel Comics Universe - "Captain America: Civil War" opens in theaters tomorrow in the U.S. Following the Age of Ultron, the Avengers are split down the middle after new laws regulating super human activity are passed, pitting Iron Man versus Captain America. The film has already made over $240 million overseas.