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Yesware Prescribes Success With Prescriptive Analytics for Sales Managers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Dec 7, 2015) - Yesware, a company that makes software to empower salespeople to sell smarter and close more deals, today unveiled a trio of prescriptive analytics tools to help sales managers uncover coaching opportunities and scale best practices across the entire sales organization.

"As a company, our mission has always been to help salespeople close more deals, faster. With this release, we're putting the focus on sales managers specifically," said Matthew Bellows, CEO, Yesware. "Sales managers are a powerful point of leverage in an organization. But as the saying goes, what you can't measure, you can't manage. Our prescriptive analytics arm sales managers with insights that reveal reps' weaknesses and strengths in real-time so managers can quickly correct ineffective behaviors and replicate proven strategies across the team."

Industry research affirms that data-driven sales coaching can substantially improve sales outcomes. According to Aberdeen Group's Peter Ostrow in the report "Flash Forward: Remember When We Called It "Predictive" Analytics" (April 2015), "We see that companies applying analytics to sales training and coaching significantly out-perform non-adopters in terms of overall team attainment of sales quota (85% vs. 71%), percentage of all reps achieving quota (70% vs. 56%0: and even first-year reps hitting their number (55% vs. 48%)."

"When it comes to data-driven sales coaching, not all data is alike," said Justin Mills, data engineer, Yesware. "There's a trend today, with sales technology companies amassing more and more variables for analysis. At Yesware, we're taking a different approach. We're analyzing only the most meaningful, granular sales metrics to determine next steps."

Yesware's prescriptive analytics tools collect activity and performance data on sales emails, calls and presentations, and use data mining to serve up relevant insights and recommendations. The result is a series of visual reports that help sales managers grow revenue, not just report it. The new reports include:

  • Activity vs. Engagement: Plots the viability of prospects based on how they're interacting with email, calls, and sales collateral, allowing sales managers to see where the team's efforts are best spent, and where they should cut their losses.

  • SDR Manager Report (within Salesforce): Demonstrates how each rep is performing relative to the team, so managers can pinpoint exactly what's driving high performance and scale proven strategies across the sales organization.

  • Manager 1-on-1: Provides visibility into how each rep's email, phone and meeting activities are impacting sales, giving managers the data points they need to coach their team to success.

More than 700,000 salespeople at companies like IBM, eBay and Groupon use Yesware to power their data-driven sales processes. The company has raised $33 million from Battery Ventures, Google Ventures, Foundry Group, Golden Venture Partners, and IDG Ventures.

For more information on Yesware's new prescriptive analytics tools, visit yesware.com/prescriptive-analytics.

About Yesware
Yesware is a prescriptive sales platform that helps sales teams prospect, connect, and close faster and more effectively. We connect to the tools sales reps use every day to provide actionable data on how to engage with prospects, and give managers better insight into the sales pipeline. Integrated into mobile email, Gmail and Outlook, Yesware provides email tracking and analytics, customizable sales templates, CRM integration, Mail Merge, Click-to-Call and presentation tracking, to help salespeople remove barriers to productivity and make smarter decisions, faster. Investors in Yesware include Battery Ventures, Google Ventures, Foundry Group, Golden Venture Partners, and IDG Ventures. Learn more at yesware.com.