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Yiwugou initially Set Up Online National Pavilions for Four Countries

YIWU, China, July 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yiwugou.com, the official website of the largest commodity wholesale market in the world, initially set up four online national pavilions. The pavilions, which hang the flags of Australia, India, Malaysia and Japan, will be used to advertise their quality consumer goods to Chinese buyers. Yiwugou.com will continue to facilitate the access of such goods from overseas to the Chinese market as it plans to set up online national pavilions for no less than ten countries. For suppliers establishing their presence at the website before December 31, 2017, a one-year service fee exemption will be provided.


The Online National Pavilion project was launched this May and has been available to consumer goods suppliers from around the world. Numerous consultations from overseas have been received since then with dozens of suppliers already confirmed as partners. According to Wang Jianjun, CEO of Yiwugou.com, the city of Yiwu in recent years has placed emphasis on its import business by taking advantage of the country's Belt and Road Initiative. A new trade picture featuring synergy between import and export is now in place. As international freight routes of the Yiwu-EU railway service go into operation, more and more nice commodities from countries along the line are pouring into Yiwu which is renowned for international trade and are further distributed to countless Chinese consumers. Under this background, Yiwugou.com with its consistent pursuit for online and offline integration is determined to make the National Pavilions a favorable online channel to draw overseas companies and commodities to the Chinese market.

Online National Pavilions now provide preferential treatment for overseas suppliers to open their business here. Consumer goods suppliers who apply before December 31 2017 will enjoy an exemption of a one-year service fee (priced at 3,500 Yuan/year). Please visit http://zt.yiwugou.com/2017ad/gjg/sje.html to learn more about how to apply for a stand in a National Pavilion, and please send an email to n.pavilion@yiwugou.com to apply for service fee exemption which takes effect upon confirmation.  

According to the head of the project, on top of its commitment to providing suppliers with solutions regarding online transaction issues such as cross-border payments, logistics and customs procedures, more preferential policies and services in terms of operation and promotion can be expected from Online National Pavilions. Please feel free to contact:

To join the project, please email to n.pavilion@yiwugou.com

To become a partner of a national pavilion, please email to wangxuliang@yiwugou.com

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