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Yo-Yo Ma! Seinfeld Emoji Have Come to the iPhone

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

With hundreds of emoji supported on iPhone, Android, and the Web, it seemed like there was a smiley face, cartoon figure, or icon for almost any occasion imaginable.

That is, until you wanted to call someone a Soup Nazi and had to actually type it out with boring old text.

But that’s all in the past now, because a new iPhone app called Emoji – Seinfeld Editionjust launched featuring 42 Seinfeld emoji to help you better express your inner Art Vandelay.

There are all the main characters, of course, as well as a Junior Mints emoji, a Kenny Bania emoji, both of Jerry Seinfeld’s parents, a Pez dispenser, the Frogger machine, and other favorites. 

The app doesn’t replace your phone’s current emoji keyboard –– that feature is coming with iOS 8, due out this fall –– so, for now, the only way to share these Seinfeld icons is by exporting them from the app as picture messages, Twitter images, or Facebook/Instagram photos. You can also save them to your Camera Roll for sharing in any other way you like.

Emoji – Seinfeld Edition.

Much like everything else Seinfeld today, Emoji – Seinfeld Edition was hatched from the brain of the indispensable Jason Richards, mastermind behind @seinfeld2000. For more than a year and a half, Richards’ amusingly sic-laden “Seinfeld Current Day” stream of consciousness has helped us “imagen” what the former NBC-TV show Seinfeld would be like if it were still on the air today. The Twitter account is packed with images of the show’s characters involved in typically high-tech and NYC-centric activities, and is a lampoon of the more popular, workaday @SeinfeldToday account. 

Full series of Seinfeld emoji.

Many of the 42 emoji in the app are modernized versions of the characters and icons we remember, as imagined by Richards: Jerry wearing Google Glass, for example and a Breaking Bad version of the dentist Tim Whatley (played by Bryan Cranston, who went on to play Walter White). 

Some classic emoji we felt were missing from the collection — and some missed opportunities for “modarnizing” the characters: Kramer’s coffee table ebook about coffee tables, the couch Poppie peed on, David Puddy with New Jersey Devil face paint, Elaine with ombré hair, a poison envelope, H.E. Pennypacker wearing a smartwatch, a GORE-TEX coat, a Cronut muffin top, and Fusilli Jerry.

At the time of launch, this Seinfeld app is available only on iPhone (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The creators have promised an Android version, but no release date has been announced. Of course, we’re hoping it’s before the holidays, because that would surely feel like a Festivus miracle for us Google smartphone owners.

We could go on and on — yada yada yada — about the emoji app forever, but unless you’re too much of a hipster doofus, you iPhone people should probably just try Emoji – Seinfeld Edition for yourself. It’s free, so grab it now from iTunes, Mojambo.

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