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New York Accuses Exxon Of Drowning Witnesses In Paper

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The State of New York has been suing Exxon for deceiving investors about climate change, and now it is accusing the oil giant of trying to derail the investigation. Paper Trail Last year, New York sued Exxon for deceiving investors about the company’s impact on climate change. Now, New York is claiming that Exxon is deliberately saddling potential witnesses, such as investors and financial advisors, with superfluous calls for documents that were already included in the state’s initial subpoenas. New York Attorney General Letitia James called the move by Exxon an attempt to discourage witnesses from testifying by basically overloading them with paperwork they can’t possibly finish in time. Exxon responded that the reason they are requesting the documents is that New York took too long to disclose the names of third-party witnesses. Going On Exxon uses proxy costs to show how the company calculated the financial impact of future climate regulation and restrictions. These estimations are supposed to show that the oil giant is aware of future regulation and has planned for them, but New York thinks Exxon downplayed the cost by billions over the next few decades, thus deceiving investors. Change Is Not Good As always seems to be the case these days, the drastic results of inaction on climate change was again in the news, as the New York Times published a truly nightmare-inducing look into how 100 experts from 52 countries released a report that the window to stop climate change is closing, and that floods, droughts and extreme storms will threaten the world’s food supply and cause increased migration from the poorer parts of the world that will be hit the hardest. Take The Stand The trial is set to start on October 23. -Michael Tedder Photo via Adobe