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New York City based IV Drips now offers Ketamine and NAD+ Infusions

Bracha Banayan, the owner of IV Drips Customized IV Hydration & Wellness in New York, is proud to announce that her practice is now offering Ketamine and NAD+ Infusions. These specific IV Drip infusion therapies are incredibly effective in providing immediate and lasting relief from the symptoms of chronic pain and depression.

NEW YORK, Dec. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- IV Drips is one of the go-to mobile IV therapy drip services in NYC. IV Drips has been offering concierge IV service for vitamin drips, hydrations drips, hangover drips and other drip therapies and IV Drips has recently expanded their drip and infusion offerings by adding Ketamine and NAD+ infusion therapies to their treatment options.

Ketamine is a well-known drug in widespread use that has the potential to change the lives of millions suffering from chronic illnesses. Considered as an "essential medication" by the World Health Organization, Ketamine is used around the world as a safe treatment for depressions, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, and certain chronic pain conditions. With over 18 million adults living with depression in the United States alone, finding an effective treatment for this condition is imperative. Up to 30% of patients with depression are classified as "treatment-resistant," which means that medications prove ineffective at helping them find relief from this devastating illness. Ketamine IV therapy is a revolutionary treatment that triggers the brain's reaction to the drug and therefore provides relief. Results from Ketamine IV therapy are known to last far beyond the actual infusion, giving patients needed relief.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential part of the body's fuel-making process. This coenzyme is present in every one of the human body's living cells. As people age, the NAD+ levels begin to drop significantly, and people who participate in drug or alcohol abuse also deplete their bodies' natural stores of this coenzyme. Decreased levels of NAD+ have been linked to a vast array of health conditions and startling symptoms. IV infusions allow NAD+ to release directly into the bloodstream, providing a much faster and far more effective treatment. NAD+ can improve mood while boosting energy, mental clarity, and brain function. Symptoms of depression and anxiety often improve as cells are repaired with this essential coenzyme.

Both Ketamine and NAD+ IV infusions are unlike other treatments currently available for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, addiction, and fatigue. These IV infusions provide immediate relief, where more conventional methods often take weeks for medications to enter the body's system and provide relief. At IV Drips, we are committed to making these life-changing treatments available. Our care team provides a safe and highly effective alternative to medications that make take weeks to ultimately prove inadequate.

"I believe that individuals can fully capitalize on their body's strengths and rejuvenation through IV drip therapy. With Ketamine and NAD+ Infusions, our patients are now able to overcome issues that have plagued them for years," says Bracha Banayan, owner of IV Drips Customized IV Hydration & Wellness.

The entire team at IV Drips works with patients to determine the most therapeutic care plan for their specific needs. Ketamine IV therapy must be performed in the safety of a controlled setting under the supervision of trained medical staff. However, NAD+ infusions and other drip therapies are eligible for mobile drip concierge service. Mobile IV therapy treatments are available in the NYC Metro Area.

IV Drips has two clinic locations in New York: one in New York City and one in Brooklyn. Both sites provide concierge service to make IV therapy infusion as convenient as possible to their clientele.

More About IV Drips Customized IV Hydration & Wellness:

IV Drips Customized IV Hydration & Wellness is owned by Bracha L. Banayan, NP. Bracha Banayan is licensed to practice in New York, and she has two office locations: New York City and Brooklyn. IV Drips Customized IV Hydration & Wellness offers IV therapy that expedites the process of replenishing the essential nutrients the body needs to help patients feel revitalized, re-energized and refreshed. The key component of IV Drip therapy is to help essential vitamins enter straight into the bloodstream so that patients experience immediate results and can take advantage of the full capacity that vitamins have to offer. IV Drips Customized IV Hydration & Wellness has a team of registered nurses and medical practitioners who are specialized in IV infusions.

For more information about IV Drips Customized IV Hydration & Wellness and the benefits of IV infusion therapy, please email info@ivdrips.com.


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