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As New York City delays indoor dining, Deep Clean U.S. announces they're the next best thing to a COVID-19 vaccine, while its former NYPD officer CEO looks to establish reopening playbook

- Ex-NYPD officer launches startup to help businesses reopen safely

- One-stop-shop services combine disinfection, surface testing and reporting to the public

- Other states will need to follow New York City's playbook for safe reopening

NEW YORK, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- At the apex of the pandemic, George J. Cherubini, Sergeant Special Assignment, a 25-year veteran with the NYPD, turned in his badge, rolled up his sleeves, and founded Deep Clean U.S., an infection prevention company that not only eradicates COVID-19 through electrostatic disinfection, but verifies the job by testing "high-touch" spots like door handles, kitchen surfaces, and elevator buttons, with 3M's industry-leading CleanTrace™ system. The key to making this all work, however, is making those business disinfection reports publicly available, and easily accessible with a simple scan of the QR code at the entrance of your local restaurant, coffee shop, gym or any business that aims to vaccinate their business from post-COVID-19 anxieties.

A team of I.P. (infection prevention) experts from Deep Clean U.S. use electrostatic spraying inside one of the MTA's newer R188 subway car.

"We're not going to offer a-la-carte services.  When you go 'Deep Clean,' you get disinfecting, testing, and reporting on those results to show your workforce and customers you care.  We're the next best thing to a vaccine right now."

- George Cherubini, CEO of Deep Clean U.S.

This one-stop-shop approach of disinfecting, testing, and reporting has received encouraging feedback with early test-partners in easing customer fears, and this—Mr. Cherubini believes—will quickly set the standard for a "new normal" that Americans can embrace. 

"Coronavirus destroyed the Airbnb economy.  Our network of guesthouses were totally empty for over three months. But now, guests scan that QR sticker on the door with their smartphones, and quickly see that the place was disinfected and passed all the tests before checking in.  It's that peace-of-mind."

- Gershwyn Lee, Airbnb™ host in downtown Manhattan

Similar to the aftermath of September 11th, Mr. Cherubini is no stranger to adapting to change and being part of the solution. Having served under Ray Kelly's administration during the Giuliani years, he played a pivotal role in easing the fears of New Yorkers in the early 2000s.  As the nation's governors and local leaders try to stabilize the increasing numbers of COVID-19 in recent weeks, Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo hope to create the definitive playbook for states that are on a similar trajectory to kickstarting their economy. 

For the time being, Mr. Cherubini and his team at Deep Clean U.S. hope to prevent as many COVID-19 infections as possible before the start of the upcoming flu season.  While many businesses are already bracing for a second wave of a possible mutated version of the coronavirus, Deep Clean U.S. looks to scale their services one certified partner at a time, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Deep Clean U.S. is an infection prevention company utilizing state-of-the-art disinfection in combination with advanced surface testing, to generate disinfection data reports for public dissemination.  Our S.A.F.E.™ (Staying Alert For Everyone) program is a first-of-its-kind educational course designed by leading health experts and epidemiologists to further assist our partners' workforces in preventing infections, reducing absenteeism, and decreasing corporate and personal liabilities.  We are dedicated to being the most dependable infection prevention and outbreak control partner for companies and governments worldwide.

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