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New York Times Calls Manilla Popular, Full-Featured Bill Payment Reminder App

Sarah Kaufman
Bill Reminder Mobile App

We’re excited to share that The New York Times recently featured Manilla in its story “Keep Those Bill Due Dates from Sneaking Up on You.” Check out the excerpt below.

From The New York Times:

A popular and fuller-featured bill payment reminder app is Manilla. It is free on both iOS and Android. The app feels a little like Bill Tracker thanks to its straightforward interfaces and graphics, but it has more powerful options.

Where Manilla stands out from the crowd is in its ability to connect with many popular American companies and download bill information automatically. And it is easy to use. To start the process with your Verizon cellphone bill, for example, you just enter your login information for Verizon’s Web site. The app will download your bill data from the company — saving you the trouble of typing in a coming bill manually.

To ease concerns about entering sensitive data into the app, which could be seen by someone who gets into your phone, the app is pass code protected.

For such a nicely designed app, there are some curious weak points, like the limited options for customizing alerts and reminders in the way that even some of the simpler apps allow.

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